Monday, May 18, 2015

Curling Recaps: 5/3-5/12/15

The Triangle Curling Club has its own building now. Have you heard? This week is the third week of our first set of leagues on dedicated ice, and it's been a learning experience. Everything I learned about curling strategy on arena ice? Throw it out the window! Watching hours upon hours of championship curling helps some, but it's no substitute for experience.

Let's start with something extremely simple. You're the yellow team, and you have one rock in the house, and that's it. What do you do?

On arena ice, your options were really limited. If that yellow rock was on a "predictable line" that was easy to hit, you'd pretty much have to throw a guard along that line. Alternatively, you could throw another one in the house, depending on the ice conditions and "zamboni lines". Really, those were your two and only two options, and often, the ice conditions told you which play was the better play, and whether or not you had hammer really didn't affect the strategy much. But on real curling can make pretty much any shot you want! More importantly, the other team can also make pretty much any shot they want. Sure, you can still guard or split the house, but if the guard's not perfect, the other team could still reach your rock, depending on how good they are. But if your team is struggling with weight, there are more "plan B" shots available if you throw one on the same line, but then maybe you set up a double take-out. Aaahhh! And this is with just one rock in play! On top of that, you had better know where to put the broom, because that rock will curl, and if you're a few inches off (or the shooter is a few inches off the broom), that makes a big difference! That's what I've been struggling with the most so far. That and, of course, making my own shots, which when you're the Skip is kind of important. We can talk strategy all we want, but I still have to hit the broom...

As of today I have still only Skipped a total of 15 games on dedicated curling ice. My opponents have Skipped hundreds, maybe even thousands. So, I am a long, long way from having figured it out yet. There are SO many variables; I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at a situation and immediately know the optimal call. Arena ice was "the great equalizer" - I could occasionally beat some of the club's best and most experienced curlers head-to-head on arena ice. On dedicated ice, though, it's a lot harder to make up that gap, both in terms of strategy and shot-making. So far, we're 0-2. Also, we haven't scored more than one point in an end yet. Something to shoot for tonight!

Monday League: May 4, 2015

End.........12345678 |TTL
Allen.......01010011 | 04
Hunneyman...10104000 | 06

Monday League: May 11, 2015

End.........12345678 |TTL
M. Jackson..31311011 | 11
Allen.......00000100 | 01

But, I did win a pickup game as Skip earlier in the month:

Sunday Pickup: May 3, 2015

End.........123456 |TTL
Feinson.....020001 | 03
Allen.......302130 | 09

But in the Tuesday league, where I play Vice - probably my best position - and don't have to worry about strategy or anything other than shot-making and occasional sweeping, we're 2-0:

Tuesday League: May 5, 2015
(my team: Jaun)

End.........12345678 |TTL
K. Jackson..20101100 | 05
Jaun........01040023 | 10

Tuesday League: May 12, 2015
(my team: Jaun)

End.........12345678 |TTL
Jaun........01500010 | 07
Mitchell....10001202 | 06

I curl again tonight, and tomorrow night, and twice next week, and twice the week after that...I mean, isn't this great? Better yet, this building is permanent, and I have DECADES of this to look forward to!

(By the way, we won't always be curling in May and June. We are this year because that's how long it took to open the building. October through April or May will be the curling schedule most years.)

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