Monday, April 27, 2015

Jury Duty II

The first time I had jury duty in 2011, I was really excited! I ended up on a jury almost immediately, and the trial went into a second day. In the end, I was actually a little dissatisfied with how the trial went down.

So when I had to back for jury duty again this week...meh. I'd willingly serve on a jury if I was picked, but I would rather not be picked. And, that's what happened. After getting a ridiculously long lunch - at 11, they said "We won't need anyone until after lunch, so come back at 2:30" - a bunch of prospective jurors were taken to a courtroom. Actually, they wanted to take everyone to the courtroom just so everyone could watch the proceedings, rather than be stuck in the jury pool room. But the courtroom wasn't big enough for everyone, so instead, 15 people were chosen at random to stay behind and not go to the courtroom. I was one of those 15, so I never left the jury pool room. But I still had to stay all the way until 5 PM in case I was needed, which I wasn't. So, back to work the next day.

Just as well. Maybe in another four years, or however long it takes to get another jury summons, I'll be excited about the prospects of being a juror again.

Speaking of sitting around and waiting, between flying last week and jury duty this week, I thought that would have been plenty of time to listen to the entire "Serial" podcast from start to finish. (Yeah, "Serial" was so last year, but I like to stay a few months behind social trends.) But, nope. Still three episodes to go. Once I finish, post!

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