Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Hope Church Road

Many roads in rural North Carolina are named after whatever church happens to be on that road. I don't know the official history behind all this, but the churches have been around for a while, so perhaps before the roads got their official names, that's just how people referred to the roads: "Take the road that goes by New Hope Church" became "Take the New Hope Church road", and then when road names became formalized, "New Hope Church Road" became the official name of the road. (That is 100% speculation on my part, by the way. I have done no research.)

There seem to be a lot of churches named "New Hope Church", and as such, there also seem to be a lot of roads named "New Hope Church Road". There are three in the Triangle area alone, and all of them are completely unrelated to each other (Raleigh, Orange County, NE Chatham County).

This got me thinking: how many "New Hope Church Roads" are there in the entire state? If there are three in the Triangle alone, might every single county in the state have their own "New Hope Church Road"?

Not quite. Via OpenStreetMap (which is actually better than Google Maps for doing this kind of search), here is (I think) the complete list of roads named New Hope Church Road in North Carolina, sorted by county name:

1) Allegheny County (near Laurel Springs)
2) Caswell County (Leasburg)
3) Chatham County (west of Cary / north of Apex)
4) Cumberland County (east of Fayetteville)
5) Edgecombe County (east of Rocky Mount)
6) Montgomery County (Star)
7) Orange County (between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough)
8) Randolph County (near Seagrove)
9) Sampson County (between Clinton and Warsaw)
10) Union County (Marshville, northeast of Monroe)
11) Wake County (Raleigh)

So, there are 11 roads named New Hope Church Road in North Carolina. Let's drive them all!

Now...not every church named "New Hope Church" is on a road named "New Hope Church Road". There appear to be many, many more New Hope Churches in North Carolina then there are New Hope Church Roads. There are also many more "New Hope Roads", or other things named "New Hope" something or other, such as the New Hope Commons shopping center in Durham. How many of those are there in North Carolina? That exercise is left for the reader.

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Spartangoogle said...

There is a New Hope Church here, but it is on N Main St up by the airport.