Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Carol Glover: 1928?-2015 (plus other less important topics)

Rather than write a bunch of different blog posts on a bunch of different topics, let's just cover

Last week, we made an unplanned trip to Toledo due to the death of Amber's grandmother, Carol Glover:

(By the way, they pronounce "Glover" so that it rhymes with "clover", as opposed to the way Danny Glover is pronounced.)

I'm pretty bad at writing sentimental stuff, so I generally try to avoid it, so I'll leave it at this: Amber and her grandmother were pretty close, as close as they could be given how far away we lived. Personally, I find it much easier to accept the death of someone who lived a long, productive life - when you make it past your 80th birthday, you've done well, and Carol made it to 86 years old*, just long enough to meet all of her great-grandchildren, assuming none of us have any "oopsies" down the road. (* - That's her official age - she was adopted, so we don't really know her actual date of birth, hence the question mark in the post title). Regardless, she'll certainly be missed.

Now, the not-awkward-at-all segue to other less important topics:

Road trip notes

And, last week wasn't a particularly fun week, even though we did get an extra road trip out of it. (By "extra" I mean it didn't cost me any vacation time, because company policy gives up to 5 days off if your grandmother-in-law dies and lives over 400 miles away.) I can't say we were really in the road trip mood, though: it's hard these days with the young'uns, and I just drove to Louisiana and back two weeks prior. But, we did learn a couple of things. Normally we start the Toledo drive (to and from) at 4 AM, but due to the suddenness of all this (and other factors such as weather), we started both drives around noon. Turns out, that's not such a bad time to leave, because after sunset, the kids fall asleep, and you can just keep driving as long as you need to. Problem is, you get there late, so I think the super late arrival is only doable if you're driving to somebody's house, rather than a hotel.

One more road trip statistical note, about county visitation: I've wondered how long it would take for Bruce to visit a county that Marla has NOT visited. Marla is older, and the kids always travel together, so Bruce's county map would always just be a subset of Marla's county map, right? Well...Bruce had a really, really hard time napping at Amber's parents' house, and so I took him in the car, without Marla, and drove around northwest Ohio for a couple of hours just so he could nap. (Parents: we've all done the "take the baby in the car because he/she refuses to nap at home" thing, right?) That drive took us to Henry County, Ohio, which Marla has yet to visit. So, congrats, Bruce! You've now visited a county Marla has not. (Marla still has a pretty big lead, of course: 532 to 85.) The next question is how long it will be before Bruce or Marla visit a county that I haven't been to. Somehow I don't see Marla taking a trip to Idaho without me anytime soon.

The weather

This wasn't the absolute worst time to make an emergency trip away from home, because one of the days we were gone, schools and day cares were closed due to 6" (give or take) of snow. We're pretty much over school / day care closings for this winter. On the other hand...we missed a major snowstorm! Oh well. Lots of people actually lost power due to the heavy, wet nature of the snow, which collected on trees and broke lots of branches and whatnot. We didn't actually lose power at our house, though. (I know that because the clocks on our microwaves were still correct when we got back home.) Missing snow is a bigger deal when you have kids, because then you miss a snowman / sledding opportunity, which we don't get too many of around here. We did get a round of sledding in the week before, though, with an inch of sleet-type substance. That stuff wasn't good for making snowmen, though. And of course, by the time we got back home, it had almost all melted, except for plowed piles of snow along the sides of streets and in parking lots.

But, Chris...I bet there was lots of snow in Toledo, right? Well, yes. There was a healthy 6" of snow cover at Amber's parents' house, and we got another few inches on top of that last Sunday. But it was also very cold (for us), so we didn't go outside and play in it or anything. I also passed on a chance to experience below zero temperatures, because I just didn't feel like going outside in it. Missed opportunity!

It's March now, so that means winter is over, right? NO. Last year, local schools had another two to four snow days from March 1st onwards. We may not get that many snow days again this March, but schools will probably be delayed Friday morning due to black ice, with closures possible if it's bad enough. Next week looks to be warm enough to preclude any wintry junk, but that doesn't mean we're in the clear for good. Last year's final snow day of the season wasn't until March 18th.

Did Amber's grandma leave us a huge inheritance?

Uh, no. But I did claim this:

Sadly, I can't get the printer to work.

Any road trip plans for March?

No way. We're staying put for a while.

When is that curling club going to open, anyway?

Hopefully, next week gives us the warm/dry weather we need in order to finish the construction of the Triangle Curling Club. The parking lot is the last major piece we need, and the last two weeks have basically been a complete loss due to all the snow. We're so close!

Speaking of curling, a funny thing happened. I've been watching so much curling - mostly the Canadian championships on ESPN3 - that the other night, given the choice between watching "curling" and watching "something other than curling", I chose "something other than curling". I thought that day would never come, but I think it's a good thing, because it means we've reached saturation in terms of the amount of curling available on TV and online (as least as far as I'm concerned).


Henry County Chamber said...

Hope you an Bruce enjoyed your late night visit to our county, Chris. And on a curling should stop in Bowling Green sometime. They used to have it all set up to curl in the ice arena at BGSU when I went there. Don't know if it is still, or not.

Joel Miller
Director - Henry County Chamber of Commerce

Spartangoogle said...

Maybe you should mention a county in every post to see if you get a comment from their Chamber!