Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Publix and Sheetz Convergence

This is an under construction Sheetz located in western Cary, at the intersection of Highway 55 and Kit Creek Road. I snapped that picture in October, so the Sheetz is actually much closer to opening than the picture would indicate. When it does open, it will become the closest Sheetz to our house, which is exciting for me, even if Sheetzes (sp?) come more in handy for us on road trips than they do at home. I'd actually relocate this new Sheetz to somewhere along I-95 in South Carolina if I could. (Walterboro, maybe?) Of all the gas stations that are out there, Sheetzes are my favorite, and we actively seek them out on our road trips.

Once this Sheetz opens, it will make Cary, NC the first city in the world with both a Publix and a Sheetz. Or, to put it another way:

Pennsylvania-based Sheetz moved into North Carolina from the north, opening many locations along I-40 between Winston-Salem and Raleigh, but as of yet, nothing in the Charlotte metro. (That is, unless you include Statesville and Salisbury in "the Charlotte metro". I personally don't. I guess that's a separate debate.) There are several Sheetz locations in the Triangle - have been for years - but this new Sheetz will be the first with a Cary address.

Meanwhile, Florida-based Publix more recently moved into North Carolina from the south, and in terms of North Carolina expansion, has done nearly the opposite of Sheetz: opening a bunch of locations around Charlotte, but not much elsewhere in the state. There are plans to open many more locations across North Carolina, but so far, the Cary Publix is the only North Carolina location outside the Charlotte metro.

So, it's happened: Pennsylvania-based Sheetz and Florida-based Publix have finally expanded far enough towards each other such that Cary, NC, is the official "Sheetz/Publix convergence point". Pretty neat! At least if you're a dork like me.

Cary won't hold this exclusive honor forever, though. Other North Carolina cities which already have a Sheetz will also have their own Publix within the next two years, including Winston-Salem (end of 2015) and, according to "media reports", Wake Forest (2016?). (And, Raleigh, of course...maybe.) As for whether Sheetz plans to expand farther south along I-77 and I-85 and into the immediate Charlotte area, I know of no such plans, and neither does Google. Then again, a Google search for "Cary Sheetz" also comes up empty, so who knows. (That is, until I hit "publish" on this blog post, perhaps.) Apparently, new Sheetz locations in this state don't make the same waves in the business news media as new Publix locations do.

I don't know when the new Cary Sheetz will open, but when it does...party time in Cary!

In related news, Wegmans - my second favorite grocery store - is creeping ever further south in Virginia, opening two new locations in the Richmond area. Will there ever be a city with both a Wegmans and a Publix? I seriously doubt it, because I don't see either chain expanding into a market where the other already exists, kind of like how Sheetz and Wawa, for the most part, have avoided each other's territory. If Wegmans and Publix ever did go head-to-head, that would just be too much for me to handle! And if it ever did happen, it could very well happen in Cary.

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Spartangoogle said...

Cary would be a great place to live if it didn't get so darn cold there. On a completely unrelated note, HGTV's popular show Love It or List It is currently broadcasting shows that were filmed in Durham