Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun Fusion Indoor Playground

I don't do playground reviews anymore because by now, I've seen it all. INDOOR playgrounds, however...

So, it's Saturday, and it's raining. You want to get out of the house, ideally somewhere where your child(ren) can play. But you don't really feel like going to the usual children's museums like Marbles or the Museum of Life and Science, either, because you've already been to each of those places, like, a lot. (But not so often that it's worth getting a membership, either.) Where to?

Locally, two places come mind: Defy Gravity, an indoor trampoline park of sorts, and Monkey Joe's, which has a bunch of inflatable castles and slides and stuff. (I think. Their website isn't particularly detailed as far as exactly what they have there.) We've never been to either of them because we just assume that, like Marbles, they're always insanely crowded on rainy Saturdays. According to the online reviews, Monkey Joe's is an absolute mad house. As for Defy Gravity, it seems a little too "big kid" for a 3-year-old.

We're no strangers to driving out of town to smaller attractions because they're likely to be less crowded than anything in Raleigh or Durham. So, we drove to a place called "Fun Fusion" in Mebane, 30 minutes from our house. (By our standards, that's pretty close.) There you'll find inflatable castles and slides and trampolines and stuff.

Marla loved it! Big win for us, and it wasn't crowded at all, at least at first. It started to fill up later in the afternoon.

Fun Fusion is relatively new business, such that if you look it up on Google Street View, you'll see a sign that says "Opening Summer 2013!"

The pricing is very affordable: parents are free, infants are free (not much for old Bruce to do there yet), and Marla was $8.50. So between that and the (lack of) crowds, and this place's "newness", and the fact that it's hidden in a nondescript office building in downtown Mebane, it makes me wonder: can they stay in business? I hope so, because we really liked it.

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Spartangoogle said...

Monkey Joe's and Fun Fusion sound like Big Air where your neice had her 6th (?) Birthday. On weekends Big Air would often be booked for parties and not be open to walkups, so advised calling ahead.