Monday, December 15, 2014

The Parkwood Christmas Parade

Our neighborhood, Parkwood, has its own Christmas parade. We never really much bothered to go before we had children who might enjoy it.

People generally laugh when I talk about our neighborhood Christmas parade, as in, "Aww, it's really cute that your neighborhood has a parade." Yeah, well, our parade is kind of a big deal - it's the largest holiday parade in Durham! So there.

Marla's favorite thing about the parade? The free candy, probably. Or maybe the marching bands, I don't know...I just assume that candy always wins. (The parade had three high school marching bands and one middle school band. Pretty good turnout, although I've learned that the bands are paid by the neighborhood to appear. Is it typical among holiday parades for marching bands to get appearance fees?)

Personally, I liked that Smokey the Bear made an appearance.

Also, I like that we can walk to a Christmas parade. Parking is always an issue with parades, not this one! (Parking isn't really a problem even for people who drive; there's plenty of close proximity street parking.) And it's kind of neat that the moment we walked out the front door, we heard the bands in the distance. Inconvenient if you live here and have somewhere to be, perhaps.

It took 30-45 minutes, for all of the parade participates to march by, which certainly makes this smaller than, say, the Raleigh parade. Maybe it's on par with a typical small town holiday parade, which it turns out, is just our style. The parade might be the best thing about Parkwood, other than being 3 miles from my work, of course.

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