Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Race Is On: October Update

Back in August, I declared a competition between the Triangle Curling Club and Publix to see who would open their new building first - either the new curling facility in Durham, or the Triangle's first Publix in Cary. Both are expected to be open before the end of the year.

Let's start with the curling club. The building is starting to take shape!

Still a ways to go before we have actual curling ice in there, of course. We're unofficially targeting our traditional January 1st one-day bonspiel as our first big event in the new building, although the "grand opening" may happen sooner than that.

Meanwhile, down at the intersection of High House Road and Davis Drive in Cary...

Wow! I hadn't been down here in a while, but I didn't expect the building to be there with Publix signage and everything already. Yahoo! Have to say, it is very strange (and awesome) to see Publix signage in the Triangle.

Of course, they still have to fill out the inside of the store, and this being a large grocery store, that might take a while. So without walking up to the windows and taking a peek inside (maybe next time), I can't tell how far along construction really is, and Publix still hasn't announced anything resembling an opening date. But it does seem that Publix is closer to its open date than the curling club is.

On the other hand, Publix won't open until it's 100% finished and spotless, while there are no such restrictions on the curling club. As soon as we have functional curling ice and working bathrooms, we're opening. Either way, I think December is probably still the target for both.

I'll give another update in November, at which point maybe we'll have a better idea of when each building might be open for business.

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