Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Race Is On

There's a lot to look forward to for the rest of 2014. Amber and I will welcome our second child any day now, which is obviously the best and most important thing. But that's not all I'm looking forward to.

The Triangle Curling Club has been working on our new building in Durham for nearly two years now. I still remember our first visit to the site after the club purchased the land. That was in October 2012. Now it's August 2014, and the finish line is in sight! Construction is now full steam ahead, and we plan to be open not for the Fall curling season, but for the Winter season. December, maybe? Definitely by January unless there are any unexpected hiccups. (And there are always unexpected hiccups, but hopefully we've already gotten past most of those by this point.)

Meanwhile, Publix is opening up its first store in the Raleigh area in "2014". When in 2014? I've always figured it would be in December, and I forget why, exactly, but it's hard to tell from driving by the place, of course. Nothing resembling an opening date, or even an approximate opening date, has been announced so far. December sounds about right. Publix's second planned location in the area is facing local opposition, so who knows when the Triangle is going to see its second Publix. (Why anyone would be opposed to a Publix opening near their house is beyond me. I mean, if the Charlotte area is getting 14 Publixes, surely Raleigh deserves more than one.)

So, which will open for business first: the Triangle Curling Club in Durham, or Publix in Cary? Either way, we all win!

(For the record, my prediction is that Publix opens first, but that the curling club will follow within the next two weeks. I just hope they don't both open on the same day, because I can't be two places at once.)

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Spartangoogle said...

If Publix does win, then you can get their famous chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie to have at the opening of the curling center!