Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Family's All Here

I've always envisioned that my "ideal family unit" would include two children. Maybe three years apart. One boy and one girl, preferably.

Hey, guys, we did it!

So, that little guy is named Bruce Logan Allen. We named him Bruce because that name fits all of our criteria, but most notably, it's easy to spell, not terribly common these days (the 416th most popular boy name in 2013, per Social Security), and sufficiently manly. (If Bruce is like me, he's likely to get picked on in school, so we didn't want to make matters even worse by giving him an overly nerdy name.) And yes, I am aware that the current GM and president of the Washington Redskins is named Bruce Allen, but I figure that since these are the Redskins we're talking about, he'll probably be fired within the next couple of years anyway. The middle name Logan is inspired by Mount Logan, the highest point in Canada (as explained here).

Bruce was born at 9:09 AM on Saturday, August 23, 2014, which is kind of neat because weekend babies are less common than weekday babies. (Although I was actually pulling for an August 22nd birthday, because then he would have had the same birthday as his deceased great-grandfather. But August 23rd is fine too, if nothing else because we know several other kids, including our niece, who have birthdays on the 23rds of other months.) And yeah, I've already started his county map. Marla didn't visit her second county (Wake County, obviously) until she was 18 days old; I don't expect it to take that long for Bruce, because we're feeling much more in control of things this time around and are more likely to take him out places sooner.

Some say that going from 1 kid to 2 kids is even more of an adjustment than going from 0 kids to 1 kid, but three days after birth, I wouldn't say so, at least not yet. Sure, it's harder to have 2 kids, sometimes a lot harder, but it's not as big a jump as going from none to one. Mostly, we know what to expect this time around in terms of how much sleep we're going to get, what to do with a newborn, etc. We'll get less sleep in the short term compared to a year from now, but I think the hardest part will be when Bruce is just learning to walk, and then run, and we'll have to follow him around the house everywhere all the time, while we also have a 4-year-old to look after as well. Sooner than that, things will get tougher when we both go back to work. Even sooner than that, things will get tougher this weekend, when we won't be able to drop Marla off at day care and concentrate on Bruce between 8 and 5. (We were discharged on Monday, which is nice in that we get four more days of paid day care for Marla before our first weekend together.) But for now...I wouldn't say it's been easy with Bruce so far, but at least it's been predictable.

I feel a much greater sense of satisfaction this time around, compared to when Marla is born. Marla's birth was obviously wonderful, but now there's a sense of completeness that we didn't have before. As in, we're done making babies, our family is complete, and now we have the rest of our lives to look forward to.


James Allen said...
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James Allen said...

Congrats! (I tried to pay the baby emoji but it did not work, thus the deleted comment above)