Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Imagination Station of Wilson, NC

There are plenty of nice indoor places to take young children in Raleigh and Durham - children's museums and whatnot. Problem is, these types of places can get pretty crowded, especially if the weather isn't suitable for outdoor activity. Marbles Kids Museum is great, but I wouldn't even think about taking Marla there on a rainy Saturday morning.

Instead, I asked Amber how far away from home she would be willing to go this close to the due date (3 weeks to go as of last Saturday), and then proceeded to look for kid-friendly museums within a one-hour drive (give or take). And so, we ended up here:

This is Imagination Station Science Museum in Wilson, NC. It's only $5 per adult, and 3 and under (including Marla) is free. Can't beat that!

Imagination Station - which is a pretty common name for a science museum, by the way; there's also an "Imagination Station" in Toledo - is pretty small compared to the comparable museums in Raleigh and Durham. We spent most of our time in the 5 and under room having a dinosaur birthday party.

Aside from that, there are some snakes and turtles (real live ones) on display, a room or two related to North Carolina history (didn't spend much time in there), and an interactive room with lots of neat physics-type stuff to mess around with (more for elementary age children than Marla), plus an old courtroom, because the current Imagination Station is a former Federal Courthouse (also a former post office).

Obviously, a science museum in Wilson isn't going to be as well-funded as a science museum in Raleigh and Durham. But it'll definitely be less crowded! I also think it's great that smaller cities such as Wilson have their own science museum. You never know where the next generation of scientists is going to come from, right? Who's to say the next Albert Einstein can't come from a place like Wilson?

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