Sunday, August 31, 2014

Equal Opportunity Statkeeping

I've kept a lot of stats related to Marla over the last three years. Now that we have two children, that means twice the stats! But can I keep it up? I better; otherwise, I'm playing favorites with my children, no?

Sure, I shouldn't have any trouble with the county maps (Marla, Bruce), but a couple of issues could come up. It might be easy for me to miss a new county for Bruce, for instance - a nearby county that the rest of us have visited long ago, but that I don't realize at the time that Bruce hasn't been to yet. (That's not going to be a problem in the short term, since Bruce is currently sitting on a total of 2.) But it might be more difficult to keep this up: not only have I tracked Marla's county visits, I have recorded the exact day in which Marla has visited each new county. That allows me to make a neat graph such as this, which shows how Marla's overall county count has increased over time:

Can I keep this up for Bruce so that we can compare and contrast their county visits? I hope so! I'll also keep track of Bruce's "nights by county", same as Marla, although that is much easier to track than every single county visit. (By the way, Bruce's first overnight outside of Durham County is expected to be in late October at about the two-month mark. Marla's first overnight was at about three months.)

I also recorded Marla's weight each time we took her through the doctor, but I got lazy and stopped doing that after her 2nd birthday. I owe it to Bruce to do the same, and then maybe I can make a graph comparing those numbers too. Here's Marla's weight as recorded by each of her doctor visits through her 2nd birthday:

This graph faces a couple of issues: 1) the doctor visits come far less frequently after the first month, and 2) at least two of the weight measurements taken at the doctor are highly questionable (one obvious one at four months, and also the very last measurement at the two year mark, which was probably too low). Still, gotta record all of Bruce's weights also! It's only fair. Actually, this information is coming in handy, so that we have a benchmark to compare against. For instance, Bruce lost 8 ounces between birth and his first doctor visit on day #3. Is that normal? Yes, because Marla lost 9 ounces between birth and her first doctor visit on day #4. Also, Bruce gained 3 ounces back by day #5; Marla gained 2 ounces between days #4 and #6. So, we're on track.

In terms of milestones, here's what I have down for Marla:
- Rolled over*: day #138 (4.5 months)
- First tooth: day #191 (6.25 months)
- Crawling: day #262 (8.5 months)
- Walking: day #414 (13.5 months)

How will Bruce compare? Not that I'm going to declare one kid the "winner" and the other the "loser" here, I just think it's interesting. All I know is, as far as walking is concerned, Bruce can take as long as he wants. No rush, kid. Take your time.

(* - Marla rolled over from her back to her tummy before she could roll over in the opposite direction. Most babies are able to roll over from tummy to back first. I'm not sure how I'll score this for Bruce if he does tummy-to-back first like most babies do. Will I record that date, or should I wait until he does back-to-tummy?)

In any case, I promise to be as thorough with Bruce as I was with Marla, so that I can embarrass each child equally.

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Spartangoogle said...

Here's a stat you can keep: how often do you find the time to post something on your blog now that you have two kids, compared to when there was only one.