Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marla's First Sporting Event (Excluding Curling)

At what age is it appropriate to take a child to a live sporting event?

Look around at most any sporting event, and you see kids of all ages, from infants on up. So it varies from parent to parent, although I think we waited longer to take Marla than a lot of parents, if nothing else because we're not that into attending live sports. But Marla is 3 years old now, which means we can start doing all kinds of things that we wouldn't dream of before. So let's go to the Durham Bulls game!

Bulls tickets are cheap enough ($9 or $10 each) that if it ended up being a total failure, then at least we didn't blow $100 or more on the whole evening like we would have if we had taken Marla to a "major league" sporting event. If we're going to blow $100 on something, then I'd rather do it at a theme park instead, and Marla probably would too. (Actually, now that Marla is 3, that means she doesn't get in to those types of places for free anymore, and once you factor in parking and food, a day at Cedar Point would probably be closer to $200 for us now.)

Well, anyway...I thought things went pretty well!

The key - for kids of all ages, really - is keeping her entertained with food. Dinner in the bottom of the 1st, ice cream in the bottom of the 3rd, hanging out with Grandpa in the 4th and 5th, and then once she got really restless in the 6th, we left, and that was about when we figured we'd leave anyway.

I don't think Marla really started noticing what was going on down on the field until late - and not just the dancing mascot, but she actually followed a couple of balls in the air. I think my favorite part was when Marla said "Mommy's and Daddy's turn to play golfball!" (She hasn't quite figured out the difference between the various stick-and-ball sports yet.) Come to think of it, it does seem silly for us to pay all that money only to watch other people play a game, doesn't it?

So, we'd do it again, although probably not this year. Next year, I'd like to give a soccer game a try, because soccer is the easiest sport for a child to understand, much more so than baseball. (Or "golfball" or whatever. By the way, Marla also thinks soccer is "kickball", which is perfectly reasonable if you ask me.) But the local soccer team's home games always start at 7:30, which isn't ideal. Then again, Marla will be even older than she is now by next year. Who knows what we'll be doing with her then?

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