Monday, June 16, 2014

The World Cup Name Game

I've been watching a lot of the FIFA World Cup so far, and I think it's been immensely entertaining.

And, we've got a child due at the end of August. We already have a name picked out for him (he's a boy). But what if we didn't have a name already picked out? Could we use the World Cup as inspiration?

On that thought, I came up with a fun game for any soon-to-be parents of boys who may be going into labor during the World Cup, and haven't picked a name yet: Last player to score a World Cup goal before the baby is born, that's his name. That would be a fun game, wouldn't it? Watch the games, see who scores the goals, think "Hmm, Lionel would make a nice name"...and then someone named Vedad from Bosnia and Herzegovina scores a meaningless goal in the 85th minute and ruins the propsect of having a kid named Lionel.

(Again: we are not actually doing this. We have a name already. This exercise is for entertainment purposes only.)

Through Sunday's games, here's where the name game would have stood: (all times Eastern and approximate)

Prior to June 12 4:11 PM: Andres (this goes back to the 2010 WC final)
June 12 4:11 PM - 4:29 PM: Marcelo
June 12 4:29 PM - 5:51 PM: Neymar
June 12 5:51 PM - June 13 1:21 PM: Oscar
June 13 1:21 PM - 3:27 PM: Oribe
June 13 3:27 PM - 3:44 PM: Xabi
June 13 3:44 PM - 4:13 PM: Robin
June 13 4:13 PM - 4:25 PM: Arjen
June 13 4:25 PM - 4:32 PM: Stefan
June 13 4:32 PM - 4:40 PM: Robin
June 13 4:40 PM - 6:12 PM: Arjen
June 13 6:12 PM - 6:14 PM: Alexis
June 13 6:14 PM - 6:35 PM: Jorge
June 13 6:35 PM - 7:52 PM: Tim
June 13 7:52 PM - June 14 12:05 PM: Jean
June 14 12:05 PM - 1:18 PM: Pablo
June 14 1:18 PM - 1:53 PM: Teofilo
June 14 1:53 PM - 3:24 PM: James
June 14 3:24 PM - 4:14 PM: Edinson
June 14 4:14 PM - 4:17 PM: Joel
June 14 4:17 PM - 4:44 PM: Oscar
June 14 4:44 PM - 6:35 PM: Marco
June 14 6:35 PM - 6:37 PM: Claudio
June 14 6:37 PM - 7:10 PM: Daniel
June 14 7:10 PM - 9:16 PM: Mario
June 14 9:16 PM - 10:24 PM: Keisuke
June 14 10:24 PM - 10:26 PM: Wilfried
June 14 10:26 PM - June 15 12:22 PM: Gervinho
June 15 12:22 PM - 1:08 PM: Enner
June 15 1:08 PM - 1:53 PM: Admir
June 15 1:53 PM - 3:45 PM: Haris
June 15 3:45 PM - 4:08 PM: Karim
June 15 4:08 PM - 4:32 PM: Noel
June 15 4:32 PM - 6:03 PM: Karim
June 15 6:03 PM - 7:25 PM: Sead
June 15 7:25 PM - 7:45 PM: Lionel
June 15 7:45 PM - June 16 TBD*: Vedad

(* - I haven't watched today's games yet.)

There are actually a lot of viable names on this list. If you're looking for a name with international flavor, then this might not be such a bad idea. Hate to get stuck with something like "Gervinho", though. This could have made the night of June 14 a long, long night of labor. "Hey, honey, can you keep the baby in there a little longer, at least until the Switzerland game starts?" On the other hand, it would be kind of a letdown to go through all this craziness only to end up with, say, "Tim". (No offense, Dad!)

I suspect 99.999999% of mothers would be totally against this least in this country. Brazil might be a different story. How many babies named "Neymar" are going to be born in Brazil over the next few weeks, especially if Brazil wins the Cup?

As far as who is going to be the last goal scorer of the World Cup, Neymar is probably the favorite, being the player most likely to score on the team most likely to win. But given that Brazil has to get to the final first, it is very, very likely the last goal scorer of the World Cup will be somebody else. (In this hypothetical, penalty shootouts wouldn't count, but the third place game would be considered in the event that the final ends 0-0.)

Either way, we're not naming our kid Neymar, or Karim, or Arjen, or anything else on this list. In fact, nobody in this year's World Cup shares his name with our future son.

UPDATE: The last player to score a goal in the World Cup was Germany's Mario Götze. So it's a good thing we're not following through with this, because having two children named "Marla" and "Mario" would have been really confusing.

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Spartangoogle said...

Seems this plan violates a lot of your naming rules: Tim? Robin? James? Noel?