Monday, June 09, 2014

The North Carolina Transportation Museum

Since we're somewhat grounded this summer, we'll be focusing on some of the more "local" attractions for the next three months. By "local", we basically mean within North Carolina, less than two hours from home. For instance, on Saturday we went to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC (near Salisbury).

It's basically an old railyard-turned-museum, so most of the stuff there is train-themed. They offer a short little train ride around the museum grounds, which Marla enjoyed. In fact, the promise of a choo choo train ride was how we convinced Marla to want to come in the first place. Choo choo!

(How about those comfortable seats! Much more comfortable than our last train ride.)

There are plenty of old trains and such to look at and explore, plus lots of exhibits that are going to be less interesting for a two-going-on-three-year-old. It's not all train stuff, though; there was also a room about aircraft - including the obligatory Wright Brothers replica plane, since this is North Carolina and all - and some car stuff. I think Amber's favorite building was the one with all of the classic cars. That building also had some old road signs and maps for me:

(Those old computers were in the aircraft-themed room. I think they were for reservations or something. Either way, I think old computers look neat. And the state map is from 1930, by the way.)

As far as kid-friendly stuff besides the choo choo train ride, they have a play area with play tools and a few other things, which Marla spent a few minutes at.

Nice place to visit, although I'd recommend going on a cooler day - especially if you're currently in your third trimester - because much of the museum grounds are either outdoors or not air conditioned, being a converted railyard. So, our next "local attraction" will probably be indoors...

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The old computers look alot like the one your Mom uses