Monday, June 02, 2014

2015 Subaru Forester

New car shopping is complete, and the winner is: the Subaru Forester.

The Forester was the favorite going in, so no real surprise,but I actually strongly considered the Nissan Rogue. The Rogue has the most trunk space, which would really help us on our road trips, but three things bugged me about the Rogue. It doesn't drive as well as the Forester, because it's heavier and slower on acceleration. It has poor visibility in the blind spots, even for an SUV. And, its reliability record isn't as proven as Honda and Subaru. As for the Honda CR-V...well, I just found it incredibly boring. The CR-V was the fallback choice in case the others didn't work out, after all.

I found the Subaru Forester to be better in most every way, except that it has less trunk space than the Rogue, and the Rogue gives actual tire pressure readings as opposed to just giving you a vague warning light when one of the tires is low. That's pretty much it.

So, hooray! New car! I'm pretty excited. One of my favorite things about the car: trip stats! I wanted a car that gave detailed fuel economy statistics and whatnot, and I got one.

That rear backup camera I was so interested in? It's pretty nice.

Also nice: the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Stick shifts can be fun, but man, the CVT drives nice. And it used to be, you could get better gas mileage with a stick than an automatic...but not anymore! CVTs are pretty standard nowadays, at least for your more economical types of cars.

It's kind of fun having such a low odometer reading - I drove it off the lot at 19, and it's now at 56 - but what isn't really as much fun about a new car is the "break in" period. For the first 1,000 miles, I'm not supposed to accelerate or brake hard, go above 4,000 RPMs (which I wouldn't really do anyway), or, interestinglu, stay at the same speed for too long. Apparently, getting on the freeway and keeping the cruise control on 70 mph for hours upon end is bad for a brand new engine. That's something for me to keep in mind for the first 1,000 miles or so.

I don't expect the Forester will get out and play much for the next few months, given that we'll be spending most of the summer sitting around in the air conditioning waiting for the baby. But we plan on taking lots and lots of road trips with this car, eventually. 200,000 miles or bust!


James Allen said...

Looks like the Premium trim based on the sun roof.

Chris Allen said...


Spartangoogle said...

I haven't missed shifting at all. If our neighbors are typical, it is a must that you own an SUV if you are driving to a playdate with your preschooler/toddler.

Christopher said...

I think the Forester was a good choice to go with. The Nissan did have its problems. There were also some advantages that went with the Nissan Rogue. However, you chose a car based on what you valued in a vehicle. However, I didn't know that these cars had a break in period.

Christopher @ Subaru Of Bend

Anonymous said...

I've been stuck in one of these sh*tboxes since my company decided everybody needs AWD, including those of us in Phoenix. I beg to differ, what we need in Phoenix is a decent air conditioner, something this little pile of excrement utterly lacks. The CVT is outright dangerous. Try sitting in neutral, then putting it in drive and quickly moving away from a light. (I have to do this to rev the engine for a bit more A/C) The thing has to sit there and think for about 5 seconds before you're gonna move. It routinely runs the engine to 4500rpm during hard acceleration, while slugging away from a stop like an overloaded motorhome. The mileage statement is a lie as well, mine has stuck at 28.5 since new, no matter if I baby it or drive it hard. Salesman tried to say the 36mpg rating is due to the CVT, though the stick gets 35. More marketing lies... Nobody who actually LIKES to drive would have one of these by choice!