Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Highest Point in Delaware

I've been to the highest points of a few states now. Marla has, too. Let's go pick up another one! But since Marla is at the age where she's too big for a hiking backpack and much too small for a "real hike" (especially the type normally associated with a state highpoint), let's get an easy one.

This is the "Ebright Azimuth", as it's known: the top of a hill on Ebright Road in Wilmington, Delaware, only a block or two from the Pennsylvania border, in fact.

So, is this spot the highest point in Delaware? Well...not really. This plaque says it's the "highest bench mark monument in Delaware" and that it's "in the vicinity of the highest natural elevation in the state". The truth is, the real highpoint is in an adjacent neighborhood west of here, on private property. Maybe at one time, this spot was believed to be the true highpoint.

Meh, close enough. I mean, this is just Delaware we're talking about. I'm counting it. Besides, this particular spot does actually look like a local maxima, at least, which is more than I can say about the highest point in Indiana. I mean, look at this hill! (The "highpoint" is at the top of this hill. We parked close to the highpoint, but then walked down the street a bit and then back again so that we could get the feeling of "hiking up" to it.)

And look at the view at the top! I mean, you can see the next state over from here! (This is actually true. The houses pictured below are in Pennsylvania.) That's more than you can say about a lot of highpoints, actually.

This makes 8 state highpoints for me, and 4 for Marla. Maybe we'll make the next one a little more challenging.

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