Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2008 Honda Civic: By the Numbers

I'm starting new car shopping tomorrow. But before then...let's take a moment to say goodbye to my 2008 Honda Civic. Except for the whole sun visor issue, it was a good car.

I like keeping driving statistics, so, let's recap the life of my 2008 Honda Civic in terms of numbers and stuff.

How far did I drive it?

Right now the car odometer reads 125,150 miles; by the time I make a decision and trade it in, it'll probably be in the neighborhood of 125,300 miles. (UPDATE: The final mileage ended up being 125,249 miles.) That's in 6 years and 7 months of ownership, for an average of around 19,000 miles per year.

Records for monthly and annual miles driven:
- Highest month: July 2010 (5,917 miles)
- Lowest month: February 2010 (153 miles)
- Highest year: 2013 (22,785 miles)
- Lowest year: 2009 (14,775 miles)

Where did I drive it?

The final tally for the Civic is as follows:
- 32 states visited (plus DC), plus 7 Canadian provinces
- 907 counties visited (28.9%), plus 79 counties in Canada (20.1%)

That's a lot of states and counties, and it's way more than I visited with the car before it (a 1998 Saturn SC2). So, I'd think that over the last 6½ years, I'd have taken the Civic to most every county in North Carolina, right? ... Nope, only 73 out of 100. Turns out that most every time we've gone to the mountains or the beach (in-state) over the last 6½ years, we took Amber's car. The Civic never went to Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Mitchell, or the Outer Banks, for instance. But it did climb Mount Washington in New Hampshire. And, of course, it went to Alaska and back.

How far north/south/east/west did the Civic go?
- Farthest north: Chena Hot Springs, Alaska (65.07°N)
- Farthest south: Flamingo, Florida (25.14°N)
- Farthest east: Conway, New Hampshire (71.11°W)
- Farthest west: Parks Highway near Talkeetna, Alaska (150.28°W)

How good was the fuel mileage?

I didn't start keeping track of fuel mileage until I already had the Civic for seven months, but since then, I've averaged 37.1 miles per gallon, which unless you have a Prius or Volt or something like that, is fantastic. I used to average closer to 38 mpg, but over the last couple of years I've been averaging closer to 36.

How much money did I spend on gasoline during the Civic's life span? Since I started keeping track, the total is $9,594.65; over the entire life of the car, it's certainly over $10,000. (This is for the Civic only, not for Amber's car or for any rental cars we've had.) That's an average of $134 per month, and 8.5 cents per mile.

The cheapest gas I got during the Civic's lifespan was a recession-aided $1.459/gallon in December 2008. The most expensive gas (excluding Canada) was $4.199/gallon; that was in New York state, where gas is expensive. (Normally Alaska gas prices are even higher than in New York, but when we visited Alaska, gas prices were much lower in general.) The average price for gas over the life of the Civic: $3.169 per gallon.

How much did I spend on maintenance?

Car maintenance costs can be summarized thusly:
- Tire-related issues: $2,068.60 (includes new tires, alignments, etc)
- Oil changes: $611.86 (19 oil changes, averaging one per 6,250 miles)
- Air filters and wiper blades: $210.32
- New windshield: $100.00 (insurance deductible)
- Other: $331.13 (mostly a new battery and transmission service)
TOTAL: $3,321.91

That's about what they estimated when we bought the thing, I think. Maybe a little lower, because we didn't keep up with all of the preventative maintenance.

How fast did I drive it?

One time I drove the Civic around Charlotte Motor Speedway and hit 90 mph. That may or may not have been my record speed, but I can say with certainty that I never drove the Civic faster than 95, and certainly not 100.

What about the next car?

Whichever car I end up getting, I don't plan on taking it much of anywhere until after kid #2 is born and we start road tripping again. (Give it a couple of months.) But from that point on, we'll probably be taking the car on every long road trip (although we'll consider a rental car should we take any Colorado-like road trips in the short term). The goal for the new car is 200,000 miles and 10 years. We probably won't be taking it to Alaska, though.


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