Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playground Reviews: Stranahan Elementary; Delano-Hitch Park

Stranahan Elementary - Holland-Sylvania Road, Sylvania, OH
Visited: Sunday, April 20, 2014
- Google Satellite

Summary: The reason we don't go to many elementary school playgrounds is because the playgrounds are designed for, well, elementary-school-age children. Or at least, that's what we've assumed. Should we rethink that?

(Note: The scoring system is designed so that 50% is an average score. "Perfect" scores are rarely given.)

Things for Marla to do: 8/14. While a lot of the playground equipment does mostly trend towards older children, it is a large playground, with lots of swings (including a set of toddler swings), and there are a couple of sets that Marla could play with on her own.

Sure, a lot of the equipment is for older kids, but there is still plenty for a two year old.

Uniqueness: 4/10. Elementary school playgrounds are going to have a bit of a different feel than your traditional city playground, but most of the equipment is pretty standard stuff.

Upkeep: 8/10. Everything was in great shape, especially considering how much use it probably gets. Well, maybe not so much up in Ohio in the winter. But then again, other playgrounds we've visited in Ohio have succumbed to the winter weather and aren't kept up as well. Generally speaking, trash probably isn't as much of an issue on a school playground, either.

Crowd: 6/10. And, school playgrounds are generally going to be less crowded than a city playground. Warm sunny day, Sunday afternoon (albeit a holiday), perfect day to go to a playground, right? Especially in a city that has had a long, arduous winter? You'd think so, but there weren't really that many kids here. I suspect city playgrounds were much more crowded on this beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon. Of course, the downside to this type of playground is that you can't come here on school days, but that isn't so much of an issue for us.

Marla enjoyment: 4/5. Wee!

TOTAL: 30/49, ranking 7th out of 30. I think this means we'll have to check out some elementary school playgrounds in our area.


Delano-Hitch Park - Washington Street, Newburgh, NY
Visited: Friday, April 25, 2014
- Google Street View

Summary: When looking for playgrounds on our road trips, often we just take what we can get. So, out-of-town playgrounds generally tend to be lower rated than the ones we visit at home, because we only go to the nice ones at home, whereas on the road we'll just go to the most conveniently located one. That's not really fair, perhaps, but...oh well.

(Note: There are two playground sets on the park grounds. There's one near the parking lot at the NW corner of the park - that's where we were, and that's what this review covers. But Google shows another set at the SE corner of the park that is completely obscured from view if you're in the parking lot. Since it's harder to get to, I suspect this other playground set is probably less crowded and in better condition. Long walk or not, should have gone there instead!)

Things for Marla to do: 5/14; Uniqueness: 2/10. Standard, small-ish "big kid" and "small kid" sets, with a couple of slides. No swings.

Upkeep: 2/10. So...I've been saving the 1/10 upkeep score for a sort of "run down, inner city" playground that I figured we would come across on one of our road trips sooner or later. This playground is as close as we've come so far. It's still perfectly functional, but it's not exactly in tip-top shape, and it has far more graffiti/doodling on it than any other playground we've come across so far. Still, things could be a lot worse. A lot worse. I'll save the 1/10 score for another day.

Crowd: 5/10. Usually, your "lower quality" playgrounds are also not crowded at all, and so they still get decent scores in my rankings. Lower quality inner city playgrounds, however? Relatively crowded.

Marla enjoyment: 4/5. But hey, Marla still had fun.

TOTAL: 18/49, ranking 29th out of 30.

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