Friday, April 11, 2014

Parc National du Mont-Tremblant: Preview

We're spending Easter weekend in Toledo, and the following weekend in New York (state) for a wedding. No sense in driving all the way home mid-week only to immediately turn around and head back north again, right? Let's go to Canada instead!

(The new Google Maps doesn't let you customize embedded maps, as far where the map is centered and the zoom level are concerned. So, it's back to screenshot maps!)

Among the places that are a) in Canada, and b) within a day's drive of both Toledo and Newburgh, NY*, we settled on Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, north of Montréal. (* - Newburgh isn't exactly where the wedding is, but it's close enough.) Mont-Tremblant is a ski destination in winter, and it's a popular vacation spot in summer. In April, on the other it anything?

That's the thing with Canada tourism: tourist season is VERY short. June, July, August. That's it. Even early June is pushing it in some parts of the country. (In fact, according to page 8 of the Mont-Tremblant park journal, the park's "spring" season doesn't start until June 1st. June 1st!) In the winter - the long, long winter - you at least have skiing. But in the in between months, and we've done plenty of Canada travelling in those in between months, there isn't much going on. Why do we keep visiting Canada in these in between months, anyway? That's just what our schedules have dictated over the years, I suppose.

So, given that Mont-Tremblant is a bit north of the 45th parallel, it must be asked: will it snow? It could. There is snow in the forecast for next week, in fact. Next week is expected to be abnormally cold across the east, including at home. I don't know about the week after that, though. The week after next is when we'll be in Québec.

Well, the truth is, it will probably not snow when we're visiting Mont-Tremblant. But actually, we're staying in a cabin on the park grounds, so sitting in the cabin all day watching it snow would be kind of nice, regardless of what month the calendar says it's supposed to be. Really, it's the travel days before and after our two-night stay in the park, in which I would rather it not snow.

It would be nice to get more than two nights in Canada out of this, but considering that we haven't overnighted in Canada at all since July 2010, we'll take it! (This will also be Marla's first overnight stay in Canada, but not her first visit.) Besides, my goal for the year was just to spend two hours in Canada, let alone two nights. We'll actually get between 50 and 54 hours in Canada on this trip.

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