Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Dishwasher

Honestly, we haven't done much of anything interesting this month. But we did get a new dishwasher!

We've had our house for five years now, which is apparently when things start breaking, kind of like with a car. For instance, whenever we would run the old dishwasher, it would leak like crazy and create a huge puddle in our kitchen. We had a plumber come and check it out, and his recommendation was that instead of repairing, we buy a new dishwasher.

We went with Sears because they supposedly have the best installation crew. They're not contractors, they work directly for Sears! So we were told. But the folks who came to our house were contractors, and they couldn't even remove the old dishwasher, let alone install the new one. So, we had to call the plumber back and have him do it, which he did, for about $100 extra. And that's even after Sears refunds me the $150 installation fee, which they have yet to do. For our next major appliance purchase, we're going elsewhere.

The old leaky dishwasher was apparently only six years old, which is less time than dishwashers are supposed to last...but here's my theory. The previous owners redid the kitchen prior to selling the house. As part of that, they likely bought the cheapest functional dishwasher they could. And, five years is about how long the cheapest dishwashers on the market will last. Here's hoping we got one that will last a bit longer than that.

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Spartangoogle said...

So your parents visiting is not "interesting"?? :-)