Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympic Curling: 2/11/14

(SPOILER ALERT: I allude to the results of the first two USA men's and two USA women's games in this post. This does NOT include the USA/Great Britain women's game that airs at 5 PM ET today.)

Since the performance of the USA curling teams hasn't been all that great so far this Olympics, let's talk about the television coverage instead!

I think NBC has done an outstanding job with the curling coverage so far. Not just the volume of it - it's hard to keep up with all of it, honestly - but the quality. Although I have to ask...I haven't seen the telestrator make an appearance yet. Do they have one available?

My favorite aspect of the television coverage so far, though, has been the Fred Roggin / Pete Fenson "studio analysis" that made an appearance during last evening's CNBC broadcast. During the 5th end break - a.k.a. "halftime", although we curlers don't call it that - CNBC cut away to their Stamford, Connecticut-based studios, where the never-dull Fred Roggin and analyst Pete Fenson (from the 2006 bronze-medal-winning team) gave us a proper "halftime show", the type you normally see with other sports at halftime. It seemed so much like what you see with other sports...except that it was about curling! It was great! Not only are they going to show curling, they're going to analyze it too! I can't be the only person who has dreamed of a "curling halftime show" on par with the treatment other sports get.

The two provided post-game analysis as well, in which they had a little back-and-forth that went something like this: (DISCLAIMER: This is brutally paraphrased, and probably not even close to what they actually said.)

Fred: "What do the USA men need to do to turn it around?"

Pete: "Rock placement - you know, putting their rocks in the right place."

Fred: "Isn't that what curling is, though??"

Pete: "Well, yeah..."

Anyway, I was amused.

Hopefully later this week, USA curling will turn it around, and we can get on with talking about some wins! Surely, both teams won't finish in last place again, right? Besides, there's no use in us dwelling on the losses. That's Fred and Pete's job.

(Side note: If this week's winter storm knocks our power out for several days or longer, preventing me from watching, or even recording, the rest of the Olympics...I'm going to be absolutely devastated.)

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