Tuesday, January 21, 2014

License Plate Registration Stickers: 2015 Edition

It's that time again: time to talk about license plate registration stickers!

I blog about this every year, but to recap: In North Carolina, the license plate registration stickers are a different color every year. Other than the fact that colors are never used twice in a three-year span, and that red/green/blue are the most commonly used colors, I haven't detected a pattern yet. And that's what makes this so exciting!

Going back as far as I have data, the sticker colors in North Carolina have been as follows:

2001: black
2002: red
2003: green
2004: orange
2005: blue
2006: red
2007: green
2008: blue
2009: purple
2010: green (darker green than other green years)
2011: goldenrod
2012: red
2013: blue
2014: green

As I said last year, the color for the 2015 stickers could be almost anything. They could go red again, which would perhaps signal that we might be settling into a permanent red/blue/green three-year pattern. (That would be truly devastating.) They could reuse one of the other non-primary colors from recent years, such as purple. Or, they could go in an entirely different direction.

Entirely different direction, eh? Sounds good to me!

Yes, this year's stickers are pink. If you ask me, that is pretty freaking awesome. Fabulous, even.

But that's not all! Last year's post spawned a thread in the comments about these orange "temporary" stickers that get issued with license plates on brand new cars. Here's a picture of one of those:

In North Carolina, it used to be that a few months after you renewed your registration through the state DMV, you would get a separate car "property tax" bill from your county of residence. Starting last year, North Carolina consolidated the county property tax + state vehicle registration process, so that you now do it all at once. As part of that, when you buy a new vehicle and get a new license plate, it comes with one of these orange temporary stickers. Only when you pay your county property tax bill will the state mail you your permanent registration sticker.

What color will 2016's stickers be? Well, because of the new temporary stickers, we can now rule out orange. Since 2000, North Carolina has never gone consecutive years using colors other than red/blue/green. So normally I would think 2016 will feature a return to red, which is the least-recently-used of the red/blue/green trio. However...red and pink are too close to each other to use them in back-to-back years, since the point of using a different color every year is to make it easier for law enforcement to spot expired registrations. (Right?) Green was the 2014 color, so it shouldn't surface again until at least 2017. So...back to blue? Probably. Or, maybe they'll surprise us again next year.


Anonymous said...

The color is black, I just got mine in the mail today!! :-)


Victoria Allen said...

It's black!

Anonymous said...

IT IS BLACK !!!!!!!

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