Monday, January 13, 2014

Curling Recap: January 2014

Curling! I'm super excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics, obviously. But let's play a few games ourselves first, starting with a one-day, two-game tournament on New Year's Day, in which Amber and I got to curl together on the same team for once (yay!):

Career game #238: 2014 New Year's Pointspiel - January 1, 2014
(our team: Jaun)

End........... 12345678 |TTL
Jaun.......... 31001011 | 07
Wright........ 00110000 | 02

The basic rules for the two-game "pointspiel": a match win is worth 5 points in the standings, each end you "take" is worth 1 point in the standings (points for blank ends carry over into the next end), and the team with the most points in the standings after two games wins. Some pointspiels also give you something like 1/4 point in the standings for each point scored in the game, but not here. So, outside of winning the game, it's more important to simply win as many ends as possible, as opposed to scoring a lot of points in those ends.

With that in mind, I don't think we could have executed the game plan a whole lot better in Game 1: 11 points earned in the standings out of a possible 13. On to Game 2!

Career game #239: 2014 New Year's Pointspiel - January 1, 2014
(our team: Jaun)

End........... 12345678 |TTL
M. Jackson.... 00233631 | 18
Jaun.......... 24000000 | 06

So, we got off to a good start, and then...??? Well, fatigue started to hit Amber and me once we passed the halfway point, I think. We weren't much use. That wasn't an issue for the other team. Actually, I think the MVP of the other team was their lead PJ, who was using a stick to deliver her rocks. Second half of the game, nearly every single one of her rocks was perfect: center guard, just in front of the house. That forced us to scramble for the rest of the end, every end. Not that we were guilty of this, but never underestimate a stick curler!

This game was significant, statistically speaking, for many reasons:
- 18 points is the most either Amber or I has ever given up in a single game. (Previous record: 16.)
- 18 points is the most scored by one team in any game I've ever played in, win or lose. (Amber scored 18 in a game last Fall, but prior to this game, I had never scored or allowed more than 16.)
- 24 combined points is the most scored in any game Amber or I has ever played in. (Previous personal record: 22, in a 15-7 loss. Although, I have witnessed a 13-11 final score in our leagues before.)
- The 12 point margin of defeat is NOT a record, however. My standing margin-of-victory records are 16 for a win (16-0) and 14 for a loss (16-2); Amber's are the same.
- Adding salt to the wound, this was also my 100th career loss.

Still, we finished in 3rd place out of 6 teams in the pointspiel, which isn't awful.

Career game #240: Pick-up - January 10, 2014

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Allen......... 0102003 | 06
M. Jackson.... 2020310 | 08

My career record in pick-up games is pretty good, perhaps because I take them more seriously than most people do. But, my head wasn't really in this one. Couldn't read the ice, couldn't really make my shots. Oh well. Career loss #101.

The Triangle Curling Club is separating the usual 9-week Winter League in half this year: a pre-Olympic half which starts a week from Friday, and a post-Olympic half that hopes to capitalize on the "Olympic rush". Then, maybe in the Fall, we have a new building to curl in...? So, this could be a very exciting year for our curling club!

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