Tuesday, January 07, 2014

BCS Champions Hooray

I've mellowed out a bit with my sports rooting interests over the years. I've been watching this stuff long enough, I know that teams are good sometimes and bad other times, and that it goes in cycles. Heck, I remember when the Jacksonville Jaguars went 14-2, won a playoff game 62-7, and hosted the AFC Championship game. Sure, the Jaguars stink now, but give them enough time, they'll be good again. (No, really! I believe.)

And, just because Florida State happened to soundly beat both Florida and Miami (FL) this year doesn't really make me want to gloat about it. FSU, Florida, and Miami have all won their share of games over the years. Things could be completely different next year. And, all this stuff is just silly anyway.

That said....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Go Noles!!

I figured Florida State had a good chance at winning last night, but that there was also a good chance they might get down early, or that Jameis Winston would force throws and put up a couple of costly interceptions or something like that. He didn't end up throwing any picks, but the team wasn't exactly playing well in the first half, either. I was ready to give up on it at 21-3 and go to bed, and then...hey, fake punt! Sweet. Touchdown! Still in the game, I guess I have to stay up past halftime and stick with it. Kick return TD for the lead! Nice, but they left an awful lot of time on the clock. Touchdown Tre Mason. Well, alright, but I think this FSU offense can do it - as bad as they looked in the first half, they're plenty capable of driving the length of the field in 1:20 (or however long it was). Touchdown Kelvin Benjamin! Yes!!! But, Auburn could pull another stupid miracle win or something. Uh oh, here comes a variant on the stupid Frank Wycheck play...he's down!!!!

(I suppose that was my "live tweet" of the game, after the fact. I normally watch sports on DVR delay, so I can't really live tweet these things. That's why this came about 20 minutes after the game ended.)

Here are my Top 4 most exciting sports moments since I moved to North Carolina (6/19/06*), a.k.a. the kinds of things that have me dancing and/or yelling with joy in the living room. In order:
1) Last night
2) Scott Walker's Game 7 overtime goal (5/14/09)
3) Florida State basketball wins the ACC (3/11/12; honorable mention for their last-second win at Duke that season)
4) David Garrard to Mike Thomas hail mary for the win (11/14/10; winning at Pittsburgh in the 2007 playoffs is certainly the "best" Jaguars moment of the last 8 years, but the hail mary was more exciting, for me)

(* - I moved to North Carolina on the same day that the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup. Sure, it was nice to see them win it that day, but I wasn't invested in the team enough at that point to be that excited about it, compared to in 2009.)

And hey, Florida State football might be good again next year! Sweet. I don't know if I can handle two playoff games, though. (That is, if I'm lucky. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

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