Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Writing Checks: 2013 Year in Review

Last January, I wondered how many checks I write in a typical year. So, I started counting.

One year later, the answer: In 2013, I wrote 38 checks. (Note: this only counts my checks, not Amber's checks.)

Those 38 checks can be categorized thusly:

- 20 checks were church donations. At the start of the year, I would give a check every time we went, typically every other week. Then a few months ago, I decided it would be more efficient to give a check every other time we went for twice the amount. So, the number of church donation checks will go down in 2014, although the actual amount of money given will not. I think there might be a way to have our church deduct from our checking account automatically, but...nah. Physically putting something in the collection dish makes me feel good.

- 7 checks were day care "tuition" payments. Amber and I alternate these, usually. Now because we pay a few bucks extra for a sort-of toddler gymnastics program, we actually have to write two checks to day care per month. There is currently not a way to pay either of these electronically.

Note that before we had Marla, we only went to church on Christmas and Easter, and we obviously didn't have any day care payments. So, most of the checks we're writing now, we wouldn't have written prior to having Marla.

The remaining checks:

- 6 checks were for curling or kickball registrations. Our curling club offers an electronic payment option, but it costs a little bit extra (and also costs the club a little bit extra on top of that), more so than the cost of a stamp. Knightdale kickball most certainly does not have an electronic payment option.

- 2 checks were medical bill payments. You know, when the insurance doesn't cover everything, and you get a bill in the mail several weeks later. That sort of thing.

- The remaining 3 checks: one for our homeowner association (HOA) dues, one for a school fundraiser for our niece, and one to the company that inspects our home heating and cooling systems.

And, that's what a year in checks looks like! All the other payments we make, we do electronically, with credit/debit, or with cash.

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