Sunday, December 01, 2013

No Shave November: Results

Here's what happens when I don't shave for 30 days:

Did I make an animated GIF of my beard growing for 30 days? Yes. Yes I did.

So, the beard looks a lot better than the mustache. I got much more positive feedback this time around, even though there are a few gray hairs mixed in there.

Perhaps you noticed in the GIF that there's a mustache-only frame mixed in there? That's because this morning, when I shaved for the first time in a month, I decided to leave the mustache at first just to see what a full one-month mustache would look like, since last year I gave up on the mustache after 14 days. And...yeah. Never again.

While the beard looked fine, it wasn't the most comfortable. Some days, it was itchy; some days it wasn't. This was the case from about one week in, all the way until the end of the month.

All told, I think the two-to-three week beard is probably the "sweet spot", in terms of comfort and looks. I might even grow it again, perhaps even in a month other than November.

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