Wednesday, November 06, 2013

No Shave November

Last year, I started doing the whole "Movember" thing, growing a mustache throughout the month of November. Not for charity or anything, but just for fun. I gave up on November 14th.

This year, I'm trying again, except instead of just growing a mustache - as I learned last year, I can't really pull the mustache off - I'm going full beard. For those unfamiliar with my facial hair history, I had a goatee for the better part of 1999-2006, but have never had a full beard. The goatee will be gone forever; that, I'm standing pat on. And since the mustache didn't work out, full beard is really my only remaining facial hair option.

I've seen this variant on "Movember" called various things - "No Shave November", "Novembeard", and whatnot; I'm going with "No Shave November", personally. Because that's what it is, after all. I shaved on the morning of November 1st, and then put the razor away, not to be seen again until December 1st.

120 hours of facial hair growth later - a.k.a. this morning - here's how we stood:

My mustache hair doesn't grow all that quickly, but the rest of my face? You betcha. This should be a fun month, provided I can manage to make it past the 14th this year. One thing working in my favor this year is that Amber likes the beard. (So far.) One thing working against me, though, is that I do see a gray hair or two mixed in there.

(I'm actually taking a selfie every morning throughout November as the beard grows. We'll see what I can make out of it when I'm done, if anything.)

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James Allen said...

I hope we'll get an animated GIF at the end of the month.