Thursday, November 28, 2013

Curling Recaps: November 2013

Among the many things I'm thankful for: curling! Here are quick recaps of the four games I played in November.

Career game #234: 2013 Fall Friday League - November 1, 2013

End........... 12345678 |TTL
Mecca......... 00002003 | 05
Allen......... 11110220 | 08

A little commentary on the last end. The previous week - or one of the previous weeks - we had a four-point lead going into the final end, and so I started calling all take-outs, in order to play conservative and "run the other team out of rocks". It worked, and the last end ended up being blanked. This time, I tried the same thing, up 6 this time. Except that this week, we pretty much missed every take-out in the last end, because the ice was not as conducive to take-outs as I thought it was, it turns out. If we were only down 4 at that point instead of 6, that last end really would have been interesting. That's something to consider next time I'm in that position.

Career game #235: 2013 Fall Sunday League - November 3, 2013
(my team: Kato)

End........... 12345678 |TTL
Kato.......... 03010000 | 04
Zwiefel....... 20100321 | 09

This is normally Amber's team, but I curled in her place, given that she had just run a marathon that morning. I wasn't much help as her team's temporary Lead, though; my Lead rocks never really helped us all that much. But that's not unusual; my career record in league games in which I play Lead, is now 4-5.

I suppose Lead isn't my best position. Makes sense, since it's the position in which I have the least experience, by far: I only have 18 career games at Lead, and 8 of those came in my first year, 2007. (By comparison, I have 83 games at Skip, 98 at Vice, and 36 at Second.) At least sweeping was fun.

Career game #236: 2013 Fall Friday League - November 8, 2013

End........... 123456 |TTL
Wright........ 020000 | 02
Allen......... 201313 | 10

Nearly a perfect game on all counts: we had the shot making, the strategy, and the occasional lucky break. This win gave us the #1 seed in the four-team playoffs, scheduled to start the following week. Let's do it!

Career game #237: 2013 Fall Friday League Semifinal - November 15, 2013

Just kidding! We got all amped up to start our playoff game, and the game never happened. As we later found out, the culprit was a compressor failure. (Basically, that's what keeps the ice cold.) Let's try again next week!

Career game #237 (for real): 2013 Fall Friday League Semifinal - November 22, 2013

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Jaun.......... 0310122 | 09
Allen......... 3001000 | 04

Team Jaun played a great game, and we couldn't keep up. Their rocks made it past the guards; ours just barely did not. It was basically that sort of game, although it didn't really get away from us until the 6th end. Actually, in the 5th end, we were sitting 5 prior to the last shot of the end, which opposing Skip Chris made for 1. Then, we couldn't get anything going in the 6th end, and in the 7th (and would-be final) end, we were scrambling to try and score 3, which meant we had to get that darn opposing rock off of the button first, which we were never able to do in the entire end, because we couldn't get the line just right on our hits or draws. Kind of a frustrating end to the season, but at least it was more a matter of the other team winning the game rather than us losing it. This was my 99th career loss, so my next loss will be a major career milestone!

And, that was my last official game of 2013, since I don't have any scheduled for December. My final record for the year: 22-12-1, including 14-3-1 as a Skip (all during league or pickup games at home), and 7-4 in away bonspiels; I also won a league championship trophy (in the Spring) and a bulldog trophy. Pretty good year! Also, Amber won her own league championship this past Sunday, which means that Amber is ahead of me on league titles again (5 to 4).

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