Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hill Ridge Farms

We had a pretty fun, but busy, weekend. Among the things we did was take Marla to this place called Hill Ridge Farms, which has animals, pumpkins, fun activities for kids, etc. Sounds like fun! But, of course, how much fun we would have would be 100% dictated by Marla, because "new things" don't always go as we intended.

Once Marla finally started tolerating her required wristband (which took a few minutes), we got inside the farm, where the first thing you come to is this child-sized maze. Looks like fun, eh, Marla? Want to run around in the maze, Marla? Nope. Not when there are swings!

Fortunately, we didn't waste spend too much time on the swings. It's not that we're anti-swing, certainly, but if all we're going to do is play on the swings, why come here?

Once Marla got over the swing, she was drawn to this "bouncy" thing, as she calls it. I think it calls itself an inflatable pillow. This was an extra $4 (just for Marla, not for us), but we paid it, because, well, Marla seemed really excited about it. She had a hard time getting up the thing, though, and couldn't really stand up straight once on top. But still, she seemed to enjoy the ride, even if she was in no control of the "bouncing".

After that, we took Marla over to see the goats and chickens and stuff. But...Marla wasn't that interested in chickens. She decided she'd rather play in the sand.

Marla did like the bunnies, though.

Marla also liked playing in this pile of hay. Now we're talking...Marla actually enjoying the farm-related activities!

After that, we needed to change Marla's diaper, so...we figured it was time to go at that point. Also, so we could get home in time to give her a timely nap well in advance of our our next activity of the day. (They also have hayrides and pumpkins, included in the price of admission, but we didn't get to those. We wouldn't have done much with the pumpkin anyway.)

But before we go...wanna give the maze another chance, Marla?

Marla kind of got tired of the maze halfway through. That's reasonable.

So, in summary: you never know what's going to happen when you take Marla, or any two-year-old, somewhere new. While doing new and different things helps keep us (the parents) from getting bored, will Marla enjoy something like this any more than just going to the playground down the street? Will she not? I'd say that Hill Ridge Farms fell somewhere in the middle. You can make educated guesses, but really, you never know.

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Spartangoogle said...

On Saturday we also went with Paige and James to Hilliard (Callahan?) to a corn maze which also had horse rides (Paige's favorite activity), bunnies (Paige's favorite to pet) chickens, hay, slides, etc. It was great weather and we all had a good time.