Monday, October 07, 2013

3-D Movies

Just like everyone else, it seems, Amber and I went out and saw the movie Gravity last weekend. (We only see a movie in theaters about once a year, and even then, it's usually the cheap-o theater.)

So, when we were looking up show times and such, we noticed that we actually had three different ways to see the movie: IMAX 3-D, regular 3-D, or "the old fashioned way". Despite the recommendations of pretty much everyone that Gravity makes as good a use of 3-D as any movie ever - a zero gravity environment where everything is floating around lends itself to that pretty well - we opted for watching the movie "the old fashioned way". Why?

Well...a few reasons:
- We're getting old. (Not in general terms, but in terms of the hip Saturday night movie-going crowd, yes.)
- I have poor eyesight, and because of that, 3-D doesn't really work that well for me.
- 3-D gives Amber headaches.
- 2-D tickets were $3.50/person cheaper than 3-D tickets, which in turn were another $2/person cheaper than IMAX 3-D tickets. Movie tickets are expensive enough as it is these days, you know.
- I hate it when 3-D movies fling things at you in an effort to try and scare you. HATE it. I didn't think Gravity was going to be that kind of movie, but I didn't want to take any chances.
- Did I mention that we're getting old?

I can tell that we're in the minority on this, because our local movie theater offers many more 3-D showings of Gravity (7 per day) than 2-D showings (3 per day). Oh well. But we enjoyed the movie regardless, and saved $7 in the process, so there.

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John F. Ervin said...

Yeah, we watched the 2D version too. Old and Cheap I guess. Was a good movie.