Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My Shortest Cedar Point Recap Ever

Prior to our weekend trip to Toledo, Amber's mom got a pretty good deal on some Cedar Point tickets. Sounds good to me! Besides, I don't think Amber and I have been back to Cedar Point since our honeymoon.

But, of course, we wouldn't be riding roller coasters all day, because we have a kid now. Let's start with that: what is there for Marla to do at Cedar Point?

Cedar Point has several kid areas with rides that Marla can ride, which is great, except for a couple of things that prevent Marla from experiencing them to the fullest. Let's start with this: is Marla old enough to understand the concept of waiting in line for more than a couple of minutes? Not really. She'd rather just run around and do whatever. But we did manage to get her on a couple of rides, which I think she enjoyed.

Actually, the bigger issue was nap time. A one-year-old can nap in a stroller at a theme park, no problem. A three-year-old can perhaps make it through the day without a nap if he/she has to. But a two-year-old like Marla is somewhere in between. She really needs a midday nap to be in a good mood in the afternoon, but can't really get a good nap in a loud theme park like a baby can. This is kind of a tricky age for a lot of reasons, actually, not just nap logistics.

So in another year or so, when Marla is less nap-dependent and more able to understand the concept of how theme parks work, she'll have more fun. And then in a few more years after that, once she's 48 and then 54 inches tall...oh yeah.

As for Amber and me, we left Marla with her grandparents for a bit so we could ride the "Gatekeeper" This is Gatekeeper by the front entrance: (Since it's located right behind the front gate, the ride really is the park's "gatekeeper". I didn't make the connection at first.)

Gatekeeper is a "winged" coaster, which is like an inverted coaster in which you "dangle" (nothing below you), except that the track is next to you instead of above you. Other than that, the ride is pretty similar to a traditional inverted coaster in terms of twists, turns, etc.

It was fun, although my head can't handle the twists and loops as much as I used to be able to. So later on, we rode perhaps my favorite roller coaster of all, Millenium Force: no loops here, just pure speed. Woo! Cedar Point, you've still got it.

And those were the only coasters we rode all day, because, you know. Parenting and whatnot.

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