Sunday, September 22, 2013

Playground Review: Harris Lake County Park

Harris Lake County Park - New Hill-Holleman Road, New Hill, NC
Visited: Saturday, September 14, 2013 | Google View

Summary: Last time I came to Harris Lake County Park, it was to play disc golf. (March 7, 2009, according to my records.) Now, we're going they have a playground - better yet, one that Marla hasn't been to yet. So, how good is it?

(Note: The scoring system is designed so that 50% is an average score. "Perfect" scores are rarely given.)

Things for Marla to do: 6/14. Here, you'll find the standard 2-5 and 5-12 play sets. At what point will these reviews all start to sound the same? Are we already there?

No swings, though. But since swinging seems to be, like, ALL Marla wants to do anymore, and Marla entertained herself plenty on what they did have, we were quite alright with that. Nevertheless, I still gave one point fewer than I would have if they had swings.

Uniqueness: 4/10. Two things stuck out to me as "unique": the rock climbing thing you see pictured above (unfortunately, a little too big for Marla), and this other spinny thing that I don't even know how to describe. It's a ring about 4-5 feet above the ground, and it rotates, and the kids can hold on, hang from it, and spin. (Well, I guess I just described it.) But that too was too big for Marla.

Upkeep: 9/10. Very clean park, and the equipment appeared to be in great shape. I might have given a 10 had Pullen Park not already set the curve in this category.

Crowd: 4/10. I was actually a little surprised here. This park is located in a pretty rural area. It's 30 minutes from Raleigh, 35 minutes from Durham, and 25 minutes from Cary. The closest city of note is Holly Springs, about 10 minutes away. (Then again, Holly Springs is booming these days.)

This park gets a lot of use for other recreational activities: boating, fishing, mountain biking, disc golf. I figured, given how out of the way this place is, nobody comes here just for the playground, right? Wrong. I wouldn't say the place was too crowded, but I was surprised.

Marla enjoyment: 4/5. As far as Marla is concerned, this park was another winner. Perhaps helping Marla's stamina were not only the seasonable weather, but also abundant shade. From that perspective, this is a great summer playground. Maybe that's why this playground is more popular than its location would suggest.

TOTAL: 27/49, ranking 6th out of 13. Now...a note about tiebreakers. The more reviews I do, the more ties we're going to have. Since ties are dumb, to get around that I added a tiebreaker column. Basically, I just decide which playground I like better, and that playground wins the tie for the purposes of the rankings. In this case, I decided to rank this playground ahead of the other playground with 27 points, that being Arlington Community Park in Ohio.

(By the way, before any of our Knightdale friends ask us...yes, we are going to visit the brand new playground in Knightdale before too long. But probably not this weekend, because then I'd basically be setting it up for a Crowd rating of 1/10. I'm assuming it will be crazy busy this weekend.)

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