Monday, September 30, 2013

Curling Recaps: September 2013

So, yes, I've been slacking off on my blogging. I mean, the other weekend we drove to Kitty Hawk - not a short drive, by the way - and I didn't even make a blog post out of it. And here we are, three weeks into the curling season, and I'm only now writing about it? Those of you who were wondering whether how long I'd be able to keep this up once we had a kid...well, it took a couple of years, but here you go.

In any case, yes, curling season is well underway now, which is very exciting for me. We don't have anything new to publicly announce with the building yet, so for now, it's back to the same old Friday night league, starting with a pick-up game from a few weeks back:

Career game #228: Pickup - September 13, 2013
I won, 3-2, in 6 ends

Yep, I didn't even bother writing down the end-by-end score! (These are dark times in blog history. If you're still reading at this point, I appreciate it.)

Seriously, though, we had several new curlers in this game, so the pace was a little slower and more instruction-oriented than normal, hence why we only played six ends. And, it's not like the experienced curlers among us played all that well, either. The first end was blanked, but not because anyone was trying to blank it. Five points in six ends is about right. But hey, it's a win, and it counts! (At least in my stats, it does. My career record in pickup games is now 20-7-1, so clearly I take these games more seriously than I should be.)

By the way, this was NOT my first ever 3-2 game. Career game #3 - way back in July 2007 - also ended 3-2, although that game was only four ends. (While my blogging may be slacking as of late, my stat keeping is still pretty solid.)

Career game #229: 2013 Fall Friday League - September 20, 2013

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Jaun.......... 1001101 | 04
Allen......... 0120030 | 06

It wasn't necessarily my intention to play Skip in the league again this time around, but we were short on people who could or wanted to Skip this season, so here we are.

The basic theme of this game: there were predictable lines that rocks would follow, so if you could get a rock to stop off of those predictable lines - via an angle raise, or a hit-and-roll - you were golden. We had some very fortunate rolls and bounces in this game, which allowed us to get points when we needed it. The 3-ender in the 6th end was obviously huge; I think that was set up by getting two rocks in the house off of the predictable line somehow, and leaving the predictable line wide-open. We then traded take-outs on the predictable line, and since we had last rock, we scored that one, plus the other two.

But, things were more interesting in one of the other games. Trailing by one in the last end, without last rock, Team A managed to get all eight rocks in the house and in scoring position. It looked like this: (look, a real actual curling photo!)

Our club has never had an 8-ender in its history. Really, it wasn't all that likely to happen here, either, because Team B had lots of targets to choose from. Surely, they would hit something, right? Then again, you never know; it's entirely possible that the last shot could have come in wide, wicked off the left side of the left-most red rock, moving that red rock closer to the center, and the yellow rock out of play. That's probably the most likely way Team A could have gotten away with the 8 here. But instead, Team B's skip Sue made the hit for 1, which not only avoided the 8-ender, it also won the game, since giving up 1 would have tied it. Clutch!

Career game #230: 2013 Fall Friday League - September 27, 2013

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Allen......... 2221132 | 13
(redacted).... 0000000 | 00

I feel kind of uncomfortable talking about this one, about that nice weather we've been having lately? (Actually, the weather has been really nice the past couple of weeks.)

Last year, I went on a 7-game losing streak as a Skip. But right now, I'm on a 7-game winning streak as a Skip, dating back to March 8th. Of course, now that I've mentioned that, I'm ripe to start another long losing streak this weekend, right?

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