Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Untitled Breaking Bad Blog Post

(This post contains no spoilers. Actually, it doesn't contain much of anything, really.)

For those of you who are tired of hearing everyone talk about Breaking Bad, my response is that this is how I feel whenever The Walking Dead is on. So there.

Most network television shows air something like 20 to 24 episodes per season, and they air steadily throughout the year, except in summer. So, the show is always somewhat fresh in your mind. And in terms of the timeline of the show, there is usually a long gap between seasons, so you don't really need to remember what happened last season in order to enjoy the next season.

Breaking Bad, however...well, they decided to drag it out. It's not unusual for a cable show to only have 13 episodes or less in a season, but "seasons" of only 8 episodes? That's stretching it. And watching last night's show - the first new episode to air in over 11 months - it's almost like they expected me to still have the last few episodes immediately fresh in my mind, as if they had just aired last week instead of last year.

I guess they can name their price, because it's a great show, and it comes down to how much the fans are willing to put up with. Doing it this way allowed the show to stay in the "conversation" for another year and create "buzz" that wouldn't have been there if they aired the last 16 episodes all in a row last year. So, I understand. In fact, based on the Nielsen rating that Sunday's show pulled, mission accomplished.

Well, anyway...despite all the perceived "buzz", I don't think enough of you actually watch Breaking Bad to justify me spending lots of time talking about it, like I used to do with 24. So, I won't be contributing to all that "buzz" too much. Besides, I've forgotten most of the details of past seasons by now anyway.

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