Thursday, August 08, 2013

Smooth Yogurt

In an effort to eat something with our daily lunches that at least has the guise of being "healthy", Amber and I have been eating yogurt. But not really "normal" yogurt; instead, we've been eating "Yoplait Whips", because it has no chunks of fruit in it. If given the choice, both Amber and I will only eat yogurt that does NOT have chunks of fruit in it.

First yogurt that doesn't have chunks of fruit in it really "yogurt"? Maybe by definition, sure, but...I suppose that's debatable.

Second point: outside of the "Whips" brand, it is very difficult to find fruit-flavored yogurt that does not have chunks of actual fruit in it. "Orange Creme" flavor is the only one I've found. That's what I've been eating over the last couple of weeks, ever since our neighborhood Kroger pulled the strawberry-flavored "Whips" "yogurt" from the shelves. (The only Whips flavors they sell now are chocolate and key lime pie, For me, it has to be fruit flavored.) Does a strawberry-flavorted "Whips" "yogurt" actually contain any real fruit? Honestly, I don't know - I've never looked at the label.

So, anyway, Amber and I think there needs to be more yogurt varieties that are "homogeneous" in texture and don't have chunks of fruit in them. Yeah, I know, we're weird.

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