Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Much has been made on the internet over the last week or two over the Syfy original movie "Sharknado", in which tornadoes suck up a bunch of man-eating sharks and carry them into Los Angeles. My question is this: why?

Well...being a meteorologist (sort of), I have a lot of friends who are meteorologists, and a lot of them enjoy watching - and making fun of - weather disaster movies. Part of the draw is that the science presented in such movies is usually ridiculous. Even the supposedly "good" weather movies have bad science in them. For instance, every time the movie "Twister" is airing on TV somewhere, my Twitter feed is sure to let me know.

So, what about the bad movies? Well, there's just something about a tornado full of sharks. It's not just ridiculous; it's over the top ridiculous, and that's what got people's attention, more so than all of the other bad movies that Syfy airs. And it has something for the weather geeks, too!

Anyway, all this sort of reminded me of "Snakes on a Plane", another movie that went out of its way to be low-budget and "campy"...and aside from one Samuel L. Jackson line, ultimately wasn't all that memorable. So, I was a little skeptical of "Sharknado", and didn't watch the initial airing. Then I read the reaction, and decided to watch the replay. (By the way, last Thursday's "Sharknado" replay pulled a higher TV rating than the original airing one week earlier.)

Well, I was entertained for the most part. I don't care for gruesome deaths, even if it's cartoonish, which is the main reason I don't watch more of these types of movies. Instead, I was more interested in seeing the bad science and the bad acting and such, and on that end, I was entertained. On the other hand, I also feel like I need to go watch "Jaws" as soon as possible in order to get the taste of "Sharknado" out of my mouth.

Regardless, "Sharknado" is definitely the kind of movie that's best enjoyed with a group. And that's what Twitter is for, right? Until the next one...

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