Monday, July 29, 2013

Marla's Kitchen

Yesterday was Marla's 2nd birthday. Hip hip hooray! She even blew out the birthday candles - of which there were two, of course - all by herself, on the very first huff and/or puff.

Marla got all kinds of stuff for her birthday, of course. But here is one of the big ticket items: a play kitchen.

This is no wimpy kitchen. Amber has made it a point to try to get Marla toys that don't have lots of flashing lights, loud noises, and so forth. This kitchen has none of that. Instead, it's pretty much a miniature version of a big kitchen, except that the microwave and oven don't cook, the freezer doesn't freeze, and so forth. And it's built to last, too. Marla also has a whole bunch of fake groceries, pots, pans, silverware, etc., to put in there. (Or, to leave in the middle of the floor. You know, whatever.) And she has a toy grocery cart, too.

The running joke is that Marla is going to start cooking our meals and doing the grocery shopping for us. But if that were the idea, I would have pushed for a toy lawn mower instead.

Time will tell if Marla enjoys playing with it as much as Amber enjoyed putting it together. (Amber enjoys large furniture assembly more than I do.) But when she started pressing the fake microwave buttons and saying "beep beep beep", oh man, my heart melted.

In any case, if all else fails, then maybe next week we'll assemble the mini-trampoline.

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Spartangoogle said...

If you watch any of the house "flipping" shows on TV you'd see that stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and tile backsplashes are a "must" so it's good to see Marla even at 2 is stylish.