Monday, June 03, 2013

The Garden of the Gods

After scaling Pikes Peak - I'm not sure if driving counts as "scaling", but "scaling" sounds cooler - we headed into Colorado Springs and went to a place called the "Garden of the Gods". I think I was drawn to this place because a) it was free (always a plus), b) it had paved, stroller-friendly trails (definitely a plus given our hiking adventure the previous day), and c) it looked neat in pictures.

Of course, it looks even better in person. It's also much bigger in person. A lot bigger. But, of course, all I can show you is the pictures. If everything looked as good in pictures as it did in real life, why would anyone go anywhere?

This doesn't show in the pictures, because we waited until people were out of the way to take them, but the place was also fairly busy, not too much unlike the local greenways in Raleigh and Durham on a Saturday morning. But hey, if you live in Colorado Springs and are looking to go for a nice walk, this is a great place to do it! So, I can't blame them, and I'm pretty jealous that they have something like this in their backyard. But if we lived here, maybe we would miss the trees or something. ... Actaully, yeah. that is actually one downside to Colorado: it's hard to find shade. We kind of take it for granted that most of of our greenways are shaded.

So, this is one neat thing in Colorado that you don't have to go into the mountains to see. If you're ever in Colorado Springs, go here. No excuses.

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