Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today is a big day for my mom and dad: it's their last day of work, ever. After [redacted] years of teaching high school, they're both retiring.

So, in a lot of ways, my parents have set a pretty high standard for the rest of us. Not only they were among the best at their jobs (and teaching isn't an easy job, either), but throughout life they've made sound financial decisions and kept themselves in good health, which means that they can retire at a reasonable age of [redacted], with lots of good years ahead of them. That's the dream, right?

For me, that's the goal. Stay in shape, stay employed, don't waste money on stupid junk, stay out of debt. And if Amber and I are lucky, we'll be able to retire when we're [redacted], too, and travel together across the continent in an RV*. (That's basically my retirement dream. Of course, gas may cost $20 a gallon by then, so maybe we'll need to re-think our plans.) On that front, so far, so good, I think. Our retirement funds are taking their sweet time growing to anything noteworthy, but the good news (and also the bad news) is that we still have another three or four decades.

Of course, for a lot of people, it's not so much planning that ruins everything, it's just bad luck or circumstances - natural disasters, random health problems, major car accidents, ill-timed economic recessions, and countless other Things That Can Ruin Everything That You Have No Control Over. But I think we do a decent job of minimizing that risk as best we can without making a huge dent in our current quality of life, and that's all we can do. (In other words, I know that once-a-month Bojangles' is bad for me, but it's just once a month. It's the every-day bad habits, such as spending $5 on a sugary, caffeine-laden treat at Starbucks every single day, that I try to avoid.)

So, here's hoping for the best! Because if we end up like my parents, then we did really, really well.

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Spartangoogle said...

Thanks for the kind words. Usually at this time I'm opening my work email and all that does is stress me out! Your Dad is interested in having his blood pressure taken when he's not working to see if there's a difference. He's already gone fishin' this AM and I'm leisurely reading the paper (lots of Tim Tebow news in the Times-Union) and staring out at my flowers.