Friday, June 07, 2013

2nd Annual (Wilmington) Beachspiel: Preview

It's June, and that means...curling! Obviously.

Our friends at the Coastal Carolina Curling Club, based in Wilmington, hosted their first ever bonspiel (curling tournament) last year, called the Lighthouse Beachspiel. (Or, just the "Beachspiel".) It was a one-day, three-game event featuring 16 teams. And, we won! It's pretty swell to always and forever be the inaugural Beachspiel champions.

And now, this Saturday, it's time for the Second Annual Beachspiel. Same one-day, three-game format as last year, and we're bringing the same team back with us. Can we repeat?

Well, it'll be a little more difficult this time. The level of competition will be a little higher this time. I suppose word has gone out about the awesomeness of the Beachspiel, so we have more teams from "up north" curling against us this year, and fewer Triangle Curling Club teams. (Half the field last year had at least a couple of Triangle curlers on it; this year, I think it's only three or four. There's another popular bonspiel going on in Knoxville this weekend, which is spreading us out a little.) Our first opponent is, I think, from the formidable Potomac Curling Club. But, we will still have "arena ice advantage" - not quite "home ice advantage", but it's the next best thing!

Should be fun! Don't you wish you got curl three times tomorrow?


One more quickie: Since I insist on documenting every game I play, here's a pickup game from a few weeks back, which I lost. We only played six rock ends due to only having three curlers a side, so we had time for nine ends.

Career game #219: Pickup - May 10, 2013
(My team: Self)

End........... 123456789 |TTL
Crawford...... 021030002 | 08
Self.......... 000201220 | 09

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