Friday, May 24, 2013

The Memphis Zoo

It's more important than ever to schedule things into our road trips that Marla would at least tolerate, and maybe even enjoy. So, let's go to the zoo!

(So, apparently my phone camera lens is a bit blurry on the left side, and I didn't notice until I looked at my pictures when I got home. Whoops.)

Marla has now been to three zoos - Toledo, Jacksonville, and Memphis. Not the North Carolina Zoo, yet. I guess this is the sort of thing we do when we're out on the road, as opposed to at home, where there are plenty of other things we could do.

One reason the Memphis Zoo stood out, as opposed to the Denver Zoo (which I actually think I've been to before, some 20 years ago), is because they have pandas. Woo! So, let's just get the panda pictures out of the way.

Yeah, they're kind of cute. Can't lie. As I talked about in the panda blog post, the Memphis Zoo's contract with China just ran out, and I haven't been able to find how the contract extension talks are going.

Other than the pandas, it's your typical zoo, although I don't think every zoo we've been to as wolves. Marla wanted to hug them. She also thought they were dogs, probably.

We got a pretty good view of some bears playing by the Marla-proof glass.

Marla was somewhat interested in some of the animals, but even more interested in climbing things. That's her thing.

So, we visited the zoo on a Monday morning. If you think that the zoo is far less crowded on a Monday morning than on a weekend, then you're right! ... Until about 10:30 AM, when all the elementary school kids show up on their field trips and such. By 11:30 (when we left), the place was, well, a zoo. I would suspect that a lot more schools take zoo field trips towards the end of the school year as opposed to the beginning or middle, so if you're going to take your kid to the zoo on a Monday, try, say, November.

So, that was a fun morning. When you're on the road with a kid, and need something to do, you can't go wrong with a zoo.

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Spartangoogle said...

You are correct - we did go to the Denver Zoo years ago.