Thursday, May 09, 2013

Co-ed Kickball: Season 7 Recap

So...let me lead off with this: kickball is fun. I've enjoyed it, because it's a) social (at least within our own team), b) good exercise, and c) at least somewhat competitive. (Those are the three reasons I play, roughly in that order.) I've been playing for the last three and a half years now, and it's been great.

That said, our latest kickball season kind of ended with a whimper, to the point where, I think now may be a good time to hang it up, or at least take a break. To summarize the last four weeks of the season: (We normally play Mondays and Wednesdays, which is why those specific dates are listed.)

April 15: I missed the game to attend this; we lost.
April 17: No game scheduled.
April 22: Our scheduled opponent forfeits ahead of time, we win.
April 24: We lose 9-0 in the regular season finale, but still get the #2 seed. (We had no shot at the #1 seed.)
April 29: No game scheduled.
May 1: We lose the league semifinal by forfeit, because we all thought the game was at 8 PM, when in fact it was at 7 PM.
May 6: 3rd place game delayed by rain.
May 8: We win the 3rd place game by forfeit because the other team didn't show up.

Basically, out of our last five nights in which we were scheduled to have a kickball game, we only actually played...once. Forfeits near the end of these seasons are nothing new - sometimes, teams basically just quit. But I've been doing this long enough now, I'm starting to think that, well, it's been a good run. It was fun and different, I figured out how to game the system with bunts and curvy pitching, and eventually we got really good and even won the league championship once. But now I'm kind of getting bored with it. And yeah, when you adjust your entire weekday schedule around kickball, only to end up not playing anyway...that's kind of a letdown. I only actually played in 6 games all season, which doesn't really seem worth the trouble. It would have been nice to get a couple more games in. And, there was that fight between two of the other teams - that was a big turnoff, even if we weren't involved in it.

"Whatever, Chris - don't go all Brett Favre on us. You'll be back. In another three months, you'll be excited about kickball again. Besides, there may not even be curling in the Fall, so if you sit out kickball, then you may not have either kickball OR curling this Fall. Then what?" Well, then I'll get a few extra nights at home with the family. Hooray! Besides, before we know it, it'll be time to transition away from "weekly activities for us" and towards "weekly activities for our kids". Because a few years from now, it'll be all about the proverbial "picking up our kids from soccer practice".

But to fill the social/exercise/competitive void - and with some of our friends, if not for kickball, we'd only see them once every couple of months, if that - maybe we should switch to the softball league or something. Softball (theoretically) has more interest than kickball, and hopefully fewer forfeits.

"But Chris! You suck at softball." Yep. It's true. I can run fast, bunt a kickball with precision (most of the time), and pitch a kickball effectively. But only the running part carries over to softball. I have very weak arms, which means swinging a bat and throwing a ball - or, most of what makes you a good softball player - are not my strong suits. Can I throw a ball with accuracy? No. Can I throw a ball with strength? Definitely no. or accuracy? No, and no. Can I hit a ball to the outfield? Sometimes, if you count "a few feet past where the infield stops" as the outfield. (Seriously, I did a "home run derby" one time in college, and a few feet past the outfield was my best hit.)

None of that mattered with kickball. Kickball allowed me to capitalize on what physical abilities I do have. It was great! But, everything must come to an end eventually. This may not be the end, but I doubt I'll play next Fall. (If the Knightdale league even still keeps going, that is.)

Well, if this is the end, then that makes these my career-ending statistics:

Career batting (62 games): 166 H in 237 AB (.700), 9 RBI, 61 R, 9 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR, 3 BB, 0 K
Career pitching (60 starts): 25-33-2 record, 4.99 ERA (273 ER in 492.2 IP), 54 K, 28 BB (17 IBB)


bubba0077 said...

Why would there not be curling? Did I miss something?

Chris Allen said...

We're trying to build our building this summer/fall, so everything's pretty much up in the air as far as when/where we'll be curling in the fall.

bubba0077 said...

Seems like it would be important to keep curling going at the arena until the building is ready. You don't want to see a drop in players leading into the new building.

Chris Allen said...

That's true...I think the flip side is that our contract with the ice rink expires in August, and that the club membership might be best used getting the building ready in the Fall, instead of keeping curling going. Not really sure what the board is thinking there, but either way, it's vital we get that thing built before Sochi!