Monday, May 06, 2013

Beach-ish Trip

We leave for Colorado this coming Sunday, but first, some of our friends invited us out to their beach-ish house for the weekend. By "beach-ish", I mean it's not on the beach, or even within walking distance of the beach. But it is on the water, at least, and within a short drive of what I would consider to be "the beach":

This sort of "get a bunch of friends together in a beach house and party all weekend" type of thing isn't something we normally do. In fact, I think the closest thing I've ever done to it is a Spring Break week-long skiing trip ten years ago. But given that we're all getting older, and that some of us have kids, now, it wasn't really a "party" as much as it was just hanging out in a different location than usual. I think Marla appreciated the change in venue, too. All kinds of new cabinets to get into!

This had been on the calendar since January. Everyone is busy, so this is the kind of thing that needed to be scheduled at least three months in advance. Pretty much anything on a weekend involving more than four people needs to be scheduled three months in advance in order to guarantee full participation.

The original plan was to actually go to Topsail Beach (maybe a 15 minute drive from the house?) while we were out there, but that never happened. The weather was cloudy and cool, and that may have had something to do with it. But mostly, when you have three children all Marla's age or younger together, it's tough for everyone to get up and go do something all at the same time. Every baby is on a different sleep schedule (if they're on a schedule at all), so coordination among multiple babies is difficult. We run into this when we get invited out to dinner, because our usual dinner time is much earlier than everyone else's (5:00 instead of 7 or 8). Either way, we'll hit the beach when we go to Jacksonville this summer. (That's Jacksonville, Florida, of course; I say that only because the beach-ish house is near Jacksonville, NC.)

Well, anyway, we had a great time! And Marla can still handle the road trip thing reasonably well, which is good, because we have 1,800 miles in four days ahead of us next week.

Just for documentation purposes, here are the routes we took to get there and back, including a previously untraveled segment of US-258. With any luck, US-258 won't require its own trip in order for me to finish it. (Only 31 miles left to go in the state!) Also, this trip gave Marla six new counties, giving her a total of 64 out of 100 in North Carolina.

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