Monday, April 08, 2013

Metric Century: Recap

Over the weekend, I tried that 100 kilometer bike ride I planned on doing. And, I finished! Yeah!

How'd it go? Actually...not too bad. I think riding 50-55 miles on my heavier, slower bike was actually more difficult than riding 63 miles on my new lighter, faster bike. (The actual distance ended up being 63.1 miles, or 101.6 km.) I was more sore after those other rides than I was after this one. Then, I would to get to the point where my legs would hurt more if I stopped to take a break, than if I kept pedaling. I didn't get to that point this time. And, my pace was actually no different than the pace I've been getting on my shorter rides. (In other words, I didn't wear down too much towards the end.)

However, my back, neck, and even my arms were sore, which is new. (I hunch over more with my new bike; I sit more upright with my old bike.) Even two days later, my neck and back haven't quite recovered. And, I'm feeling generally weaker than I normally do on a Monday, which might have to do with my spending almost 5 hours on a bike on Saturday.

Yeah, these longer rides take a while. My "total moving time" was around 4 hours, 45 minutes; total elapsed time start-to-finish was around 5½ hours. So, forget the physical requirements; many weekends, I don't even have the time for this sort of thing. And that's even if the weather cooperates. Wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, go, get back home, shower...and it's already 2:30 PM! Where did the day go?

With that in long would it take me to ride 100 miles? Many serious long distance cyclists could probably do 100 miles in about the same amount of time it took me to do 63 miles, but at my relatively slow pace, 100 miles would take me nearly 8 hours, plus rest stops. So if I left at 8 AM, I'd probably get back home around...4:30 PM? Later? Yeah, no thanks. That's a long time to spend on a bike.

I think I could maybe do 100 miles over the course of a weekend some time (50 one day, 50 the next), but I can't imagine going that far all at once, or even going much farther in one day than I did on Saturday. I think this record will stand for a while.

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