Monday, April 15, 2013

Curling Recap: 4/5-4/12/13

Three weeks left in the curling season! Here is how the first two of those weeks went:

Career game #216: 2013 Winter League - April 5, 2013

End........... 1234567 |TTL
Franklin...... 2001011 | 05
Allen......... 0240200 | 08

Once again, I forgot to write the recap while it was fresh. How did this game go? Did we really score four in the 3rd? Funny how little I remember about these games a week after the fact, even when I'm the Skip and am paying a lot of attention to it.

Well, thing that came up in that game - and again in the next game - was "swingy ice". Normally the zamboni does one final cut down the middle of each sheet as he finishes, and that creates a valley of sorts down the middle four feet of the sheet, with ridges on either side. Catch the ridge, and your rock will take a big turn the other way. So much so that if you want the rock to end up farther left, you should actually aim...farther right, in order to catch the ridge earlier in your throw: (This diagram is exaggerated for illustration purposes)

Arena curling, folks!

Seriously, though, this was a big win (however we did it), because we clinched a spot in the League Championship game in the process. Woo! But that's not for another two weeks; this week, we played a meaningless (in terms of the standings) game against our eventual championship opponents:

Career game #217: 2013 Winter League - April 12, 2013
(Disclaimer: not completely sure about the end-by-end scores here.)

End........... 12345678 |TTL
Witcraft...... 21102000 | 06
Allen......... 00020111 | 05

So, yeah, we lost the "League Championship practice game", but there's reason for hope. Not only did we only lose by one, but I mean, we could have won the game if not for the last shot of the 7th end. We were sitting five, and opposing Skip Nick drew through a tight port to cut us to one. Pressure! (Also, I let our usual Vice, Patrick, play Skip for us this week, but that might have actually made the team better.)

The League Championship should be fun this week. It'll be my 7th career League Championship game, and I've gone 3-3 in those games so far (1-2 as the Skip). Hooray Team Allen!

In other Triangle Curling Club news, tonight, the Durham City Council unanimously approved our request to have the land we purchased re-zoned, so that we can build a curling club on it. Game on!

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