Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Internet trends are funny. Lately, the trend seems to be all things bacon.

Why bacon? It's not that I don't like bacon. Bacon is fine. I just had some the other day. But when I'm ordering breakfast somewhere and they give me the choice of "bacon" or "sausage", I usually choose sausage. And while I used to get bacon cheeseburgers at restaurants a lot, not so much anymore.

So, why bacon and not sausage? Perhaps it's a combination of the following:

1) Bacon looks kind of funny.
2) Bacon tastes good and is fattening.
3) "Bacon" is fun to say. (But sausage isn't?)
4) Bacon comes from pigs. (But sausage doesn't?)
5) Unlike sausage, the word "bacon" is never used as a metaphor for male genitalia. (Well, there you go.)


bubba0077 said...

By "lately", I assume you mean the last few years.

Chris Allen said...

Given how well I keep up with the latest trends, that sounds about right.