Monday, April 29, 2013

Shaved Heads

Lots of men go bald. That's nothing new. A lot of men deal with this by completely shaving their heads, rather than hold onto the scraps they still have. I can think of a couple of reasons for this:
1) A completely bald head looks better - and makes you look younger - than a partially bald head.
2) It's a way to tell your hair, "You can't quit! You're fired!"

I don't think the Completely Shaved Head look is for me, though. I've never completely shaved my head, so I don't really know how it would look. But shaving your head every day (or every other day or whatever) sounds like a lot of work, to the point where it's a non-starter for me. Honestly, that's the only reason I won't even consider the full and permanent head shave. I'm happy hanging onto my scraps.

On the other hand, I still have a little ways to go before I'm only left with the horseshoe...but maybe not too long. This picture is from March 2010:

And, fast-forward three years to today:

On the bright side, maybe in a few more years, the completely bald head wouldn't be so hard to keep up after all.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bicycling Trip in Australia: Complete!

My second cross-continent fake bicycling journey, my "Bicycling Trip in Australia" (which followed the Bicycling Trip to Alaska), is now complete!

To recap: the idea here is to track how far I ride my bicycle every week according to my bike odometer, and translate that distance into a fake cross-continent trip - in this case, from North Head, Sydney Harbour, to Fremantle Harbour, near Perth. That's a total distance of 2,472.5 miles, which I completed in 14 months, 4 days. I've always wanted to road trip across Australia, and after doing this fake trip, it makes me want to do a real trip even more! Maybe we'll do it for real some day. (In a car, that is. Not a bicycle.)

My Bicycling Trip to Alaska was a success because tracking everything and posting it online motivated me to exercise, and that continued here. In the Alaska trip, I averaged 37.4 miles per week; in this trip, I averaged 40.3 miles per week. Mostly, we can thank my new bicycle (purchased about two-thirds of the way through the trip) for the increase, but regardless, it means this fake bicycling trip thing is working out great. And, it's fun, too. So let's keep going!

But before I move on to the next continent, we have a week long road trip (a real one) coming up in May, so it makes sense to wait until after we get back before I start my next fake cross-continent bicycle trip. More on that when it's time to get started, but in the meantime, there's the matter of what to do about the bicycling distance I complete over the two weeks between now and our road trip. (Don't want to let that "go to waste", you know.) So, I'm doing an extension of the Australia trip, down the Indian Ocean coast, however far I get between now and May 11. (UPDATE: I rode 71.2 miles in the two weeks after completing the Australia trip.)

Trip concluding statistics (not including the extension, which I will plot on the map in purple):

Trip distance: 2,472.5 miles
Started 2/23/12, completed 4/27/13
Trip length: 429 days (1 year, 2 months, 4 days)
Average weekly distance: 40.3 miles/week

Time spent in each Australian state:
New South Wales: 113 days (638.2 miles, 39.5 miles/week)
Victoria: 11 days (72.4 miles, 46.1 miles/week)
South Australia: 158 days (855.7 miles, 37.9 miles/week)
Western Australia: 147 days (906.2 miles, 43.2 miles/week)

Full route map (two-week extension in purple):

View Bicycling Trip in Australia in a larger map

Weekly trip distances:
0 miles: 1 week
0.1 - 9.9 miles: 1 week
10.0 - 19.9 miles: 6 weeks
20.0 - 29.9 miles: 6 weeks
30.0 - 39.9 miles: 9 weeks
40.0 - 49.9 miles: 20 weeks
50.0 - 59.9 miles: 15 weeks
60.0 - 69.9 miles: 2 weeks
70+ miles: 1 week (4/3/13 to 4/10/13; includes my 100K ride)

Trip log

23 Feb 2012: Began trip
26 Feb 2012: Sydney, NSW
6 Mar 2012: Campbelltown, NSW
10 Mar 2012: Mittagong, NSW
17 Mar 2012: Goulburn, NSW
31 Mar 2012: Yass, NSW
8 Apr 2012: Gundagai, NSW
14 Apr 2012: Wagga Wagga, NSW
28 Apr 2012: Narrandera, NSW
5 May 2012: Darlington Point, NSW
12 May 2012: Hay, NSW
2 Jun 2012: Balranald, NSW
9 Jun 2012: Euston, NSW
15 Jun 2012: Victoria state line
17 Jun 2012: Mildura, VIC
26 Jun 2012: South Australia state line
30 Jun 2012: Renmark, SA
14 Jul 2012: Waikerie, SA (Cadell-Waikerie Road)
23 Jul 2012: Burra, SA
29 Jul 2012: Spalding, SA
2 Aug 2012: Crystal Brook, SA
8 Aug 2012: Port Pirie, SA
18 Aug 2012: Mambray Creek, SA
21 Aug 2012: Port Augusta, SA
26 Aug 2012: Iron Knob, SA
8 Sep 2012: Kimba, SA
15 Sep 2012: Kyancutta, SA
17 Sep 2012: Wudinna, SA
22 Sep 2012: Minnipa, SA
7 Oct 2012: Yantanabie, SA
11 Oct 2012: Wirrulla, SA
13 Oct 2012: Overall halfway point
20 Oct 2012: Ceduna, SA
27 Oct 2012: Penong, SA
3 Nov 2012: Nundroo, SA
10 Nov 2012: Yalata, SA
18 Nov 2012: Nullarbor, SA
1 Dec 2012: Western Australia state line
4 Dec 2012: Eucla, WA
8 Dec 2012: Mundrabilla, WA
28 Dec 2012: Madura, WA
8 Jan 2013: Cocklebiddy, WA
12 Jan 2013: Caiguna, WA
27 Jan 2013: Balladonia, WA
3 Feb 2013: Fraser Range, WA
9 Feb 2013: Norseman, WA
24 Feb 2013: Widgiemooltha, WA
2 Mar 2013: Coolgardie, WA
9 Mar 2013: Victoria Rock, WA
21 Mar 2013: Southern Cross, WA
2 Apr 2013: Merredin, WA
6 Apr 2013: Kellerberrin, WA
11 Apr 2013: Meckering, WA
13 Apr 2013: Northam, WA
20 Apr 2013: Wundowie, WA
23 Apr 2013: Perth, WA
27 Apr 2013: End of Trip

Fake bicycling trip history:
1) Bicycling Trip to Alaska (10/8/09 - 2/21/12, 4,628.5 miles)
2) Bicycling Trip in Australia (2/23/12 - 4/27/13, 2,472.5 miles)
3) Bicycling Trip in Asia, Part 1 (5/22/13 - ???, 3,902.0 miles)