Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Adventure Saturday

Unlike last March, this March has become one of those months in which we don't go anywhere particularly interesting. Not only are we not leaving the state this month, we may not even leave Durham/Wake/Chatham counties. (Financially speaking, maybe that's not such a bad thing.)

But hey, there are plenty of interesting places around the Triangle that we could explore! Normally I do my local exploring via bicycle, but there are some places I can't go by bicycle.

The list of roads close to home that I haven't ridden my bike on yet is pretty short these days, so some of my recent rides have consisted of me riding down a bunch of dead-end roads that don't go anywhere. One such dead-end road near New Hill is called Barker Road. It ends with a gate and the above sign, but the road keeps going beyond the gate. Technically, I could have walked my bike around the gate and kept going, but the road beyond the gate was in disrepair and wasn't really bicycle-able, at least not with my fancy new road bike.

According to Google Earth, beyond the gate, the road disappears into the lake!

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That there is Jordan Lake, which - like pretty much every other lake in Central North Carolina - is an artifically dammed lake. So, I guess this road at one point was a through road, until the dam was built and Jordan Lake was filled in.

Well, that sign does say "foot travel encouraged", so why not bring the family down here and do a little exploring?

It's about 3/4 of a mile from the gate to the water.

I was hoping this place would be a nice little secret that nobody knew about or went to, but...nope. It's a popular fishing spot, and apparently also an unofficial shooting range:

In honesty, the climax of this adventure left a lot to be desired. There was lots and lots of trash down here. I see no need to also explore the other side of the road, where it re-emerges from the lake.

But that's what happens when you explore. Sometimes you strike gold, sometimes you don't. That's part of the adventure!

Maybe in April, we'll go somewhere a little farther away. I have some ideas. We do need to keep Marla in road trip shape, after all.

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