Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travelogue and Weatherlogue: 2/15-2/18/13

This is another example of a blog post that I write more so for my own sake (road trip documentation) than anything else.

Road trip notes

Marla got another ear infection last week, and you'd think that a sick Marla would make for a more unpleasant drive...but actually, it's just the opposite. When Marla's feeling well, like she was on Monday (sort of), she's much more antsy.

So, Marla's cooperation on Friday gave us time to take a detour and pick up two more Ohio counties (Carroll and Harrison, just east of I-77): (On Monday, the only detour we made was to a playground in Winston-Salem. Marla won that battle.)

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I now have 12 counties to go in Ohio. I've figured out that I can get the last 12 counties with two more drives to Toledo, plus two day trips originating from Toledo (including one long one that will also finish off I-71 for me). Totally doable within the next two to three years, I'd say.

Closing up the Marla thread: used to be, when we left at 4 AM, it was guaranteed that Marla would fall back asleep once we get in the car, and stay asleep for the next two to three hours. That didn't really work out this time. Now it takes her over an hour for her to get back asleep after we get going, and then she doesn't stay asleep for another two hours at that point, and that means she's behind on sleep for the rest of the day (which might have been part of the problem on Monday). So, we'll have to reconsider our "leaving at 4 AM" policy before our next long trip.

Meanwhile: I love having an E-ZPass compatible transponder! I already knew it would be convenient, but I didn't realize until afterwards the time savings we'd get, too. Not having to stop and physically pay a toll booth operator, plus being able to use the E-ZPass only lanes (which are always shorter than the cash lanes), shaved a few minutes off our drive times each way. ... Of course, the ideal situation would be for there to be no tolls whatsoever on any of these roads, but, well, you know.


Let's lead off with this: the Raleigh area got about one inch of snow last Saturday. It's not the first time we've been out of town for a Raleigh snow event, but this one didn't sting as much as the White Christmas event did, because it's not like that was Raleigh's only snow of the season. (It could very well be the last, though.) And, it wasn't really that much, either.

Well, Detroit got snow, too! In fact, some areas got some really nasty snow squalls on Saturday, causing major freeways to close and creating havoc for those trying to make it to/from the curling rink from a distance (including Amber's parents). Fortunately, nobody we know was involved in any accidents. We didn't actually see any of the heavy snow where we were, though. (That "State College effect" really does seem to follow us around.)

As for temperatures, the coldest we saw was 11°F on Sunday morning, which is the coldest temperature I've seen (or will see) this winter. I'm kind of disappointed I didn't experience any single digit cold this season, but regardless, I think that's enough Winter for one year. I'm over it, and I'm ready for Spring. Bring on hammock season.

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